Obvious betfair graphs….

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It’s been a little while since i updated last, the St Ledger is nearly on us so it’s looking like some good trading opportunities are just around the corner!

This last week just gone hasn’t been that great for me with liquidity feeling pretty poor at times, so its important to improvise and adapt. Just this evening i spotted a good opportunity and managed to get the recording software going after many requests of a bit of trading with audio!
You don’t see many clips like this with a little explanation in the public domain but after getting another email this morning with such requests i thought why not.

With conditions not being so great just lately its important to jump on these sort of opportunities with both hands, if i hadn’t been talking to much maybe i would of played it a little heavier handed although beeing too greedy is never good! This does highlight though that you don’t have to have higher liquidity markets to pull decent results, you just have to be a little bit more selective at times.


5 thoughts on “Obvious betfair graphs….

  1. Hi kirk…. I think it’s impossible to know even though I was confident, appeared to me it was backed genuinely on the face of it while there was little resistance to repel it throughout the market!

    Thanks prediction 🙂


  2. Hiya Caan.

    I find the markets at Wolves tricky fuckers. If you get them wrong then you can do your bollox, but get them right and there’s a few quid to be had (as aptly demonstrated in your vid).


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