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What users of the Trading Guide and Video Pack had to say along with an introduction video produced by Betfair endorsing me as a profitable customer for their ‘Pro Traders’ Campaign this year…    Betfair Pro Traders Campaign Link

See an e-mail from a Trading Guide user Here (1st May, 2014)

Hi Caan, I bought the Video Pack just last week. Haven’t managed to get through all the videos yet although wanted to let you know they have already spun my trading around! I was on the verge of giving up last month and thought this would be my one last shot. Today I made £50 for the first time ever, which makes a change as I used to lose at least that! Can’t wait to watch the rest. Cheers, Darren.


Would defiantly recommend if you’re looking to do pre-race trading on the UK/IRE horses. He updates his blog regularly with various content i.e. videos of him trading various market conditions etc. This with the guide itself i personally think is all you should need. The rest is obviously down to getting involved in the market and developing your own style of trading.

Anyway if you got at least half a brain cell you should make the cost of the guide back within a day or two.. – Jamie Docwra


I started trading start of this month and I’m up 45%. Your Videos and Trading guide are well worth it, big help to me! – Rich


I have just purchased the manual , and even as an experienced trader – I must say that I was very impressed. It is clear, concise and very much to the point. If you are considering to buy the manual I would strongly recommend that you do so. You will not be disappointed. – Nick Wise 


this guide is exactly what I needed to take my trading at a higher level. Thanks for being so generous in writing such a comprehensive guide that I’m sure will help many traders. – Zergtrader


Great guide. Exactly what I needed to eliminate the fluff that surrounds trading pre race, and I’ve been trading in the markets for ages now. Cannot recommend enough. Best guide around. Cheers mate – Chris Melton 


That’s great! I must say that the video pack is brilliant and worth every penny! I also purchased the Trading Guide too which is also superb!! I do think Caan they may be slightly under priced for such excellent information. I am now getting myself on track with trading thanks to you mate. – Neil Barden


Thank for help answering my query is helpful and pdf is great. Very good (sorry english not mother language) – Victor


Just a quick thankyou for all your efforts, looking at the ladders in geeks isn’t anywhere so confusing anymore – Rui


I bought the guide early this year. Coming from a financial background, I had ideas about markets, but not being British, no horse racing at all. The guide definitely was good for explaining the horse racing markets, and waaaay more. It covers every angle from the basics, like fundamental influences on the market to trading styles suitable for certain races, etc. You will definitely look different on a market after reading it, and the crazy movements will all start to make some sense first, and more and more after a while.
As it is a pdf guide, it will not teach you how to trade (he has a video pack though, which is for that), but how to think about the market, and what to expect, which determines the trading style mainly, and most importantly helps you to avoid mistakes. – Avalverde


Better than any other BF trading guides I’ve seen. – Cran


My stupidity and stubbornness mean an inability to admit defeat and, after following for some time and a bit of investigation, I invested further by purchasing both Caan’s Trading Guide and Videos.
It’s fair to say that these have been by far the most effective in assisting me in my pre-race trading. My strike rate has increased by 15%, confidence and understanding within the markets are massively improved.
Frankly, for someone who has seen pretty much all that’s out there, I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Absolutely worth the money. – Jon Murphy


Having come from attempting to trade forex i’ve found this far easier with your help. Great work, always looking forward to additional videos as every little helps! – Samantha


It does what is says on the tin really. It’s a guide and I am consistently referring to it. It has all the principles that should be considered and when you are in the thick of things, sometimes you need that clear and definitive information to remind yourself of what you need to be looking for. For me at my stage of the trading life, I couldn’t think of one reason not to get it! – Simo


Thanks it’s really helped me out a lot mate. I’ve gone from losing money to breaking even in the space of a few weeks after watching the video pack, my mrs is even warming to the idea of me doing this now im not blowing money each week! – Paul


Thanks mate, the greyhound clips were very useful and its a great video pack! – Matt Chapman


Hi Caan, have read the guide 4/5 times and really beginning to notice more and more things when watching the markets on the Toy and reacting to the signals and info in the guide. practiced for a couple of weeks in training mode and stared with real money using a small bank this week. Just concentrated on reducing loses not about the profits. Heres a link to my first P&L, its not the small profit that exciting its the number of markets i read correctly. Will definately purchase the video pack thanks for all your input and help – Jerome


Evening Caan. Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank-you. I’ve been trading betfair for nearly 2 years now without many successful strategies after getting the guide and videos im now making money consistently. They are still quite small returns at this stage but its giving me more and more confidence so fingers crossed. Thanks again. – Ryan Davies


Thanks for answering all my questions! I promise you thats it haha. Your site and the guide has helped me no end. Take Care – Carlos


Some of the best video clips on youtube about horse racing trading by a mile. Cheers for all the time and effort you’ve put into sharing, the trading guide has helped me no end over the last month in my understanding of how things work. In the coming months I look to get the videos also although I don’t think i’ve managed to take it all in from the youtube channel yet! keep them coming and happy new year pal. – Dominic S


Wishing you another very profitable year trading Caan. You’re blog is always an inspiring read, keep it up in 2015! Best regards, Hugo.


I had not only the trading guide from caan berry. I had also a personal coaching from him. and I must say that nothing had improved my trading more (except my own experience).
so the best way to spend the peanuts of 20 or 30 or 50 pounds – Christoph H


…can you briefly explain them please. You pre trading Ebook has helped me bag a bit more consistent money. Keep up the good work – Neil O


…the guide was mumbo jumbo at first to me but it’s coming together now £39 well spent
Thanks again for reply – Baz


thanks for all the great videos on Caan. They’ve definitely opened up my eyes a bit. Having bought the guide too I now understand whats happening a lot more! – Ricardo S


…thank-you for the video package also. A great help – Rui P


It’s quite surprising how just a few changes make so much difference. I’d never looked at the markets until this just now. Looking back on things, some things are quite obvious, once I had read the guide anyway. Thank you very much, Walter


…my friend and I had been trading the football markets for some time. The horse-racing is a different kettle of fish though, you must have saved us a couple of grand in learning curves! Great stuff, massively under priced if you ask us though. – Best, Gary & Dan


…cheers Caan. Even my old lady is interested in betting now she can see I’m making some money. –  Brian Marsh


Up until the last week or so I had been going through the usual win win win massive loss routine. I’ve seen you and others post about it online. The video’s have taught me there’s actually a lot more going on in the betting than I first thought. Couldn’t be without them now, progress is steady and dare I say it now profitable! Thank you – Anon