Were half way there….

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I wasn’t expecting to fit any trading in today so it was all good when i managed to squeeze most of the afternoon into a rather hectic day, further more it got even better when i managed to clear a cool 5% of my bank in one race!!

At a few points today i started to feel as though i was really at one with the market and understood what was going on and was really quite acurate in my predictions, a good sign.. it would seem confidence is on the return.
Its been a while since i started to feel how i did today when i was trading, although i’d do well to trust myself a little more seeing i only really made full use of it on one of the occasions mentioned above although even then it could have been better! Its difficult as i feel its a fine line in these situations as i need to be able to let go and trust myself for maximum return yet alternatively i cant get trigger happy when im not so sure. Once again i allowed myself to be bullied a little which cost me once or twice but it wasnt bad result in the end, as anon said previously if i can just maintain and build on what im doing it should work out ok! providing i dont have any more mad moments like last week, its been rather frustrating only having one or two chances to trade this week knowing i blew all that cash but the behaviour changes i’ve implemented seem to be keeping on top of that… in fact i could say they have improved my trading at times as im far less hesitant to scratch a position now, a useful by-product i’d say!

Hopefully i’ll have more time on my hands next week but its not looking brill again at the moment, i was hoping to finish the month level although unless i get the time it don’t seem likely as currently the P/L since new years eve shows im only half way there…

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