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5 Popular Betfair Trading Videos in 2020 Worth Watching Again…

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A blink of the eye and 2020 is almost over already. A welcome relief for many…

However, it’s not all been doom and gloom, because where there is change, there is opportunity!

This is why we’ve put more effort into the YouTube channel this year with our weekly uploads. Here’s a quick recap of the most popular ones, as voted by you guys.

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Sound Logic & Simplicity:

We’re rather surprised to see how popular this upload has been at nearly half a million views. The acronym KISS certainly rings true in this instance…

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Despite the glaringly obvious logic behind winning betting strategy, this video lays things out pretty clearly.

Some of the comments make for amusing reading. They also explain why gambling is such a profitable industry!

3 Footie Trading Angles to Milk…

It’s easy to see why this one has hit 100,000 eyeballs so quickly as it lays out three ways to potentially exploit the footie markets on Betfair’s exchange.

Football fans often think the key to winning money is through picking the right players, teams or talent. Whilst there’s a small amount of truth in that, it’s not the whole picture, as this video explains. It comes highly recommended with a few golden nuggets hidden within!

Using Data to Your Advantage:

One of my favourite sayings is ‘what gets measured gets done’.

With that in mind, there’s very little introduction needed for the third biggest upload in recent times my best football predictions site.

Check out the average goal times, they’re particularly useful when it comes to trading the under and overs marketplace.

Stateside Trading Picking Up?

It doesn’t look like exchanges are set to take off properly in the USA just yet, although there’s certainly been some interest. We’ve had several emails this month from early adopters in the states this month alone.

However, it was a welcome alternative for many UK traders in the early months of the pandemic. Here’s the top upload (including a trading example).

Everything a Beginners Needs to Know…

Everyone has to start somewhere right?

Which might be why a slightly older upload on the channel got some attention this year. Admittedly, it’s a little heavier and slower going than others on the channel, but you guys have been watching it more so what can we say…

Check it out!

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