Top 5 Betfair Trading tips from 2014….

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top 5 trading tips


So the year’s drawing to a close and it seems to have been a pretty busy one. In fact it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was sat eating chilli cheese, crackers watching the jumps racing this time last year!

I wonder if I’ll be thinking just the same next time around in 2015?! Probably.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, much like 2013. With lots going on, I can’t see it calming down any time soon!

I’m set to move into my first house at the end of January, which is a complete turn-around from this time last January where. Despite not being short of the finances, nobody wanted to touch me with a barge-pole (because of the Betfair Trading based income).

Over the last year I’ve posted up a few bits of info I’d consider of real use.

Readers often contact me asking for various tips and I tell them to read back through the blog, although they seem to do it for a few posts and just ask more questions. So I thought it’d be useful to post 5 of this years top posts/YouTube clips – they don’t  necessarily give away direct info, although if you think hard enough I’m sure something useful could come out of each of them!

Click Here – Post 1.

Click Here – Post 2.

Click Here – Post 3.

Click Here – Post 4.

Click Here – Post 5.


Hopefully 2015 will be a record year for me going forward having looked at some new angles recently. I’m also looking into other areas of investment from the Betfair income as it’d be foolish not to – over the last year it seems the markets have changed a little at times with a bit of a drop off in genuine liquidity. Hopefully it’ll improve again when the Flat season arrives, I remain optimistic, one of the most useful traits for any trader!


I’ve got a pretty busy Christmas coming up myself with my eldest son coming to stay so I’ll be making the most of some extra time off with the family, only really trading the bigger markets.

…if I don’t post again before, here’s to a Merry Christmas!! and a drunken new year!!

Over the past month or so I’ve added a few YouTube clips to the Channel (another one just now). To make sure you don’t miss out on any future uploads in 2015 click the ‘subscribe’ button and get notifications each time a new video is uploaded!


YouTube Channel Here

p.s. I hope it was as good for you as it was me!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Betfair Trading tips from 2014….

  1. Merry Christmas mate! I’m also taking it easy until the new year… too much going on with friends all off work etc! Have a good one!

  2. Hi Caan,

    I’m an experienced tennis trader who has tried the horses for the first time this winter.

    I have a very good tip for prospective horse race traders….don’t fucking bother the exchange is as bent as a dogs back leg.

    I have over an hour of video showing my position in the queue being pushed back sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds, for example I have £100 in @ 2.45 with £200 in front of me and 1.2k matched so I should be getting matched @ 1.4k right? WRONG – in this example from earlier today there was 1.8k matched before mine was taken so thats £600 in front of me from where? Are Betfair unloading Sportsbook liability’s with privileges?

    The best one was a few days ago, I had £100 waiting @ say 4.40 and I got part matched £64 then 2.3k was matched before the price moved off into a loss with my remaining £36 still sat there? WTF!!!!

    I have emailed betfair with a link to my video but am yet to hear anything back.

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