A fun project involving YOU!

Hey all, I’m about to embark on a fun side project which involves crowdsourcing!

Over the next month I intend to carry this out with the help of YOU, hopefully!

It will only take a very small portion of your time (30mins maximum), and in return if your efforts are contained in the final cut of this project im going to offer you a set of log in details for the Pre Race Trading Guide! (if you have already bought it I’ll refund you the price you paid!)


if you don’t want or have the guide i’ll give you £20 transferable via PayPal, this really is open to everyone!

Now that really is an offer i don’t think anyone can resist!!

So what will you need/have to do?

You’ll need to email me first to let me know you’re in – support with the subject as ‘COUNT ME IN’

You’ll also need the ability to record a small clip of yourself or someone you know (5 -15 seconds maximum) and be able to send it to me after, that’s it!

Once I have a list of people who are interested in participating I’ll send out an email with further explanation of what I need!

On Friday 7th of Feb 2014 you can expect a response from me once you’ve told me to ‘COUNT YOU IN’


I look forward to hearing from you! Now let make this happen!!

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