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Ok so after all my mind-set changing antics it occured to me that i might have some emotional attatchment to the colours on the ladder… mainly on the lay side from being shafted in the past, so a subtle change from that evil pink was on the cards in the hope that anything i might have sub-contiously ingrained in me telling me its dangerous may be toned down, along with a nice purple finish to calm me down and stop me doing anything agressive when trading, cant say its worked as this week i’ve had a few £30 blips.. a right pain in the arse bringing the average down…. who knows if it’ll help in the long run!

Poll results!

Ok so the most recent poll i put up is over and the results are in…. thanks alot to all who took the time to vote!!

Ok so given the circumstances and the question the results look about right if were to believe that a small percentage of traders are successful due to their perception and mindset of trading… further more its the minority.

So what is the right answer?? Given all that i’ve learnt if the question was read properly then the correct answer is in fact ‘i dont know’ this is probably confusing to about 17 people that voted right now so i’ll explain…..
Given the question and the picture there really is a small amount of information on offer, i mean for a start you havent a clue what the favorite is doing which is often influential and just because there’s 5.6k sat on the lay side above a price band it means sod all…. there’s 3 minutes to the off so the live coverage might not even be talking about the race were trading, whats more 3 minutes is a long time for the price to be held! Whats more the LTP is still near the top of its traded volume range…. this is probably the reason some voted ‘Good’ and while i can see why they did, i wouldnt really go as far as feeling good about the situation, i mean anything can happen in the markets. Depending on the liquidity it really dosent take alot to move a price. I think the point im trying to make here is its quite important to accept you dont really know what will happen next and shouldnt really ‘feel’ about anything. I would be keen to know if the other 4 that voted ‘I dont know’ were either FT on betfair or fairly successful!!

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