All time low….

Apologies for the delay in posting but i’ve been so busy this week its been hard to find time for anything let alone trading or blogging. Mainly due to my crap job… cant wait till im out.

So, this week i’ve tried to trade the US nags or an evening with little success mainly because of the poor liquidity the market provides… its still new to me so im using very small stakes.
I was keen to crack on today being a saturday after last week become untradable with the betfair crash… unfortunately it was to be another one of those days with the day starting with one of the most bizzare incidents known to racing at newbury. None the less i cracked on to later find i would not recieve the profit made in the 2nd at newbury with the card cancelled, a shame as it was my best market of the day… sods law i suppose! The rest of the afternoon i thought was rather poor with regards to liquidity in the markets, probably because channel 4 had very little races to show live with the newbury card canceled… im begining to think possibly its just this time of year with other traders telling me jan/feb are always the worst months, begining to hope rather as this poor speight is starting to grate on me… at times i feel like i cant trade at all, which im sure is having a knock on effect on my abilities, a rather hard knock at that. Sounding rather negative i realise i need to pull myself out of it…. just before writing this i decided to catch the last at wolves… was going great until i got caught in-play because i had the speakers off!! can you believe it?! rookie or what!! … today marked a month of absolutely no in-play then i leave the speakers off and get caught… daily total return £10 ….just gonna have to take that one on the chin!

Those of you who read the behavioural awareness post previously will probably be giggling now…. yes by god did i give myself a few lashings, wont do that again (i hope) while im on the subject it seems as though the behavioural stuff has worked as i dont have the urge any more and feel as though i have made the erratic behavioural traits extinct, that said im still putting it in practice as much as i can as its all to easy to forget why i need to do it.

Oh well hopefully next week will be rather better… all in all i think im down this week but ill leave that till the end of the month.

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