Almost a Year On…..

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Time has flown by…

Although its nearly a whole year on from when I really started to think about doing this full-time. It was a really tough decision (or seemed it at the time).

Full Time:

October is looming, being some of the worst turnover in the markets. It put me off a little last year with regards to going full-time thinking I’d hold back until March… With the likes of Cheltenham followed by the summer racing. Although that was always a sensible option had I known what I do now. I definitely would have done it earlier, October I think I found the worst but there is still plenty of opportunity to make good money in September.

For now I’ve set myself a small challenge on the GeeksToy Forum. The dogs markets are often very illiquid. As I have said previously and a while ago I even posted a clip trading a few races. If you want to follow along you can find it here… I won’t be doing it for long but its nice to know if needs be in the darker months I can boost some profits from them.

I think my goal for September/October is to not expect too much!

3 thoughts on “Almost a Year On…..

  1. How much do you reckon you made over the year, Caan? Not too sure I could waste a morning to make £20 when that’s easily made on a single horse race. Sometimes, especially when you’ve been doing this a while, that time becomes more valuable than money. I’ve played the dogs myself in the past and my strike rate and % take is in line with the horses but there’s just no money there for it to be worthwhile to me. Obviously every now and then decent money comes along but it’s hardly predictable when it’ll come and I can afford to waste my time waiting.

    Always good to have another string to your bow just think either the morning football/racing/tennis etc would be a lot better use of your time. The dogs have never picked up in liquidity over the 13 years I’ve been on Betfair so I see no reason why they’ll start now. Maybe in a years time you’ll wish you hadn’t bothered with them either.

  2. Hey Anon, sure i know exactly what you mean its probably the reason i go through stages where im a bit bored and i trade the dogs of a morning. Yeah its never going to be a great money spinner but its nice to know if i need to make an extra £700 quid a month i can from an hour or two a morning. Over the year to date, considering i didnt start fulltime until Feb im on about 46K so far…. not great but considering the amount of time i’ve had off it could have been far worse, in a normal job i wouldn’t of had so much time off over 4 years!!

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