April… A Waste Of Time? Maybe

April 2011

April 2011: Results are in!

Ouch, -£15.34 …

So how did this happen after last months success??

…Although I know I’m not really too sure how I let it happen. A bit of a strange month all in all, think it was mainly a case of a few ‘blips’ that shouldn’t of made any real difference although I dwelt on them a bit much and managed to pull myself down mentally getting stuck in a rut. And then I broke the vicious circle! in record time as shown in a previous post… only to go and break my own methodology a few times reaping more mental turmoil that wasn’t welcome, the result being a waste of time in April. Or was it? I mean mistakes are just little bits of the puzzle when learning right?, unfortunately I’ve done this puzzle before!

Looking at my calendar next to my desktop that I still score off every day I don’t go IR through ill discipline I’ve started to make small note’s, I only started to do this in the 3rd week of this month but it highlights just how wasteful and daft I’ve been…. here’s the notes for 18th – 21st, format being time traded, profit made, any stupid mistakes….

Monday – 2 hrs (time traded) Profit £27.24, 1 stupid mistake -£15
Tuesday – 1 hr Profit £22.70, Good
Wednesday – 2 1/2 hrs Profit -£1.17, stupidity staking what a nob -£52
Thursday – Few evening races, Profit £11.43, over-staked -£21

As you can see that’s pretty ridiculous £60 odd profit for the 4 days and £85 worth of stupid mistakes, I’m glad I started to make a note of that as I wouldn’t of realised quite how wasteful I’ve been being! and all that was before the LTD and the suspension on the US races problems…. really quite wasteful, this month ill be focusing on not making so many mistakes rather than making more per race. I’ve been away this weekend so missed all the Newmarket action and its the Mrs birthday tomorrow so wont be making use of the bank holiday unfortunately, although that said the flat really starts to heat up now so im still grateful theirs no shortfall of opportunities to be had!!

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5 thoughts on “April… A Waste Of Time? Maybe

  1. Hi Chuck, good blog, i have been lurking for a while, anyway, i have been using an Excel summary sheet that i downloaded, i have been using it for a few months and it gives some great insights into your trading, makes graphs, calculates your strike rates and you can see how silly mistakes effect the bigger picture etc and now i find it invaluable, it costs £1.99, i will give you the link if you wish as i don’t want to appear to be spamming!

  2. If you don’t want to be seen as spamming Mind Games just send him a copy of your sheet 🙂

    There are plenty of free excel sheets out there that do much the same. Spending time looking at pretty graphs won’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

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