Below are a selection of useful links for anyone interested in trading the betting exchanges, Betfair trading or even making money from betting in general:

Before anything else, you’ll need an account with the two largest exchanges – Betfair and BetdaqYou can get them here (with a free bonus)…



A Geeks Toy Pro (The best software on the market) – the trading software I use, the most customisable and user friendly on the market. To get to grips with the software it comes with a useful user manual and you can find setup tips from me on the YouTube channel/videos tab.

You may also like to register for a Matchbook account. A smaller but up-and-coming exchange…



Useful Resources:

YouTube Channel – The YouTube Channel for the site, some extra stuff on there that’s not included on the Videos tab.

Sporting Life – Online sports news site, often updated regularly.

BBC Sport – Helpful for big news stories, prices can react to this although not often a lot about Horse Racing.

Patternform – Horse racing analysis

Racing Post – The biggest racing newspaper in the UK, probably the biggest single influence on the racing markets.

Racing UK (live video available) – The premium racing channel for coverage on all UK races, especially the bigger meetings.

Geekstoy Trading Forum – A useful place to talk to other traders going through the same things.

Timeform – Useful for all kinds of statistics on the markets.


Other links: 

Bet Minds – free football tipping site with cash prizes.

Bet 72 (risk free betting) – A great place listing bookies offers and strategies to build up your balance with minimal risk and in some cases no risk at all! Definitely worth a look.

Pro Trader Interview – An interview with me from Sports Trading Life.

Personality test – With trading linked so closely to personality, attitude and ones general outlook try this free personality test and see what you get!

Smart Sports Trader Reviews – An independent traders blog offering honest feedback and reviews to their journey.

33 thoughts on “Links

  1. Just a quick note to say thanks for the inspiration m8!

    I’ve had many attempts at trading on BF over the last few years and after watching your videos online, I gave it another whirl today and found myself understanding a little more of what was happening in the gee gee markets!

    All the best,

    GT :O)

  2. Hi Caan
    I Have been doing some research into the trading you do by watching your helpful vids etc and I feel it is something I can profit from. I am well used to betfair and have been making money from sports betting for a couple of years now. I downloaded the software and found it quite confusing firstly and haven’t used it since but I’m sure it will take some getting used to. My one question is how do you actually predict which way the price will move is it pure guess work or is there something behind it ? I would would have a far idea where the money would go in the high grade jumps races but the lower quality stuff on like a Monday I find impossible to predict. Thanks for your time

    Kind regards, Cian

    1. Thanks Cian, the software takes a little while for everyone to get to grips with although its absolutely worth the effort. It’s not guesswork at all, when you see the markets and understand certain underlying things along with the likely influences its possible to make enough sense among all the confusion to make money! Getting it right every time is something else.. but you only need to get it right a little more than you don’t and your in the money 😉

  3. Hi Caan

    I am becoming extremely interested in trading and wondered if I could quiz you a bit? My background is gambling on horses (gave up working as a chef because this was earning me more) but trading is something that very much interests me and an avenue I am looking to move down.


  4. Hi,
    I believe I have developed a winning stop-at a-winner backing strategy in English horseracing but because of work commitments I cannot profit from it. If I had a bot that could place the bets for me I think I might be in a chance to tell my boss where to stick his job in the not so distant future. I wonder if you could guide me in the right direction as Betfair’s ”welcome to API support” is too complicated and I don’t want to try all the bots out to see if they fit my requirements (parameters)
    These are simple: UK (only English and Scottish) horseracing , progressive staking but most importantly the bot has to be able to place bets in a numeric sequence of races i.e. for example first race, third race, fourth race, sixth race of the day. Please send your reply to my email address as I don’t do facebook, twitter, etc…
    Kind regards,
    Jan Provost

  5. Hi Caan,
    Hope you don’t mind the query, just spent the last couple of days reading your blog and watching your youtube clips and feel inspired. You’ve achieved a lot.
    I downloaded the toy and followed your guide to create a profile but can’t for the life of me figure how to turn “one click bets” on in the ladder.

    Tried turning off “confirm bets” and the “advanced options” on the grid. Any chance you could give me a pointer please. Dont fancy trading with “Confirm Bets” on.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jonathan, turning off confirm bets is the way. I believe if you right click the Market Navigator/header for grid/ladder and deselect confirm bets it doesn’t ask anymore – but i think you then need to save it to your profile after or each time you boot up the toy it will be back on.


      1. Thanks Caan. Spent about an hour last night trying just what you suggested, but for some reason it works a treat the morning. Going to get myself sorted, will take the time to look at your Video Pack offer next week. If they are an extension of you youtube clips should be good.

        thanks again.

  6. Hello Caan,

    1. Do you sell any ebooks and or videos that teach scalping to beginners only?

    I enjoyed =

    And would love to learn more stuff like this.

    2. Does your pre racing ebook teach pre race scalping of 1 or 2 ticks at a time profit or Does it teach swing trading only?

    I don’t like swing trading at all but I do like to learn more about scalping either pre race or while in play.



    0468 338 360

    1. Hi Tomas,

      I only have the stuff on the site mate. It does speak of scalping though. The markets are variable so in my opinion its better to have abroad view on things as sticking to a very specific style is likely to be successful although opportunities limited to apply again and again if that makes sense.

  7. Hi Caan! I am learning this fairly fast, so Thanks Again! Just as a rough guide what sort of stakes can one get matched in running i wonder, is their any rough rule of thumb guide please.

    So far i have done around 100 trades in practice and all in profit so maybe luck so far, but one i did not get matched yesterday, i am using a £50 pound stake and managed to quick exit in profit with this one for £41 profit but this is quite a hairy way of trading i find.

    I have read and studied from for years before this and made fair profits, so this helps with the horses i choose, and i aim for 5 to 10 ticks profit depending on the way i see a horses chances or way of running.

    I would just like to have a rough guide please if possible, because i wonder why it just skipped passed my stake in running, and then went to a much higher profit, like yesterdays example of £41 profit when i got out, when it should of been the 10 ticks and just £10.

    Plus eventually i would like to build up to say with £200 in running, how safe would this be in the average market i wonder, and what sort of safe trading volume i would need to look for to get matched.

    Thanks for any advice!

    All the best, Paul.

  8. Hi Caan! I have worked it all out now it was my missuse of the software, i must have deleted the hedge bet some how before the off. Also it is easy to get big amounts matched just before the off i have found but will build up gradually is best i think.

    All the best, Paul.

  9. Hi Caan,
    Very inspiring stuff this, im in the Army myself and have been looking for an end game as I’m wanting to get out and start a family. Your products look great and iv watched a few on your YouTube videos, very easy to follow and your voice doesn’t irratate me like some others which is a plus!
    I was wondering if you do a deal if someone is wanting to buy both your book and the video package?

  10. Hi Caan,

    I’m looking to purchase the video pack but can’t see a link.

    Can you respond here with the purchase link and I’ll follow from there?


  11. Come across your name, and did a bit of research. Very interested in learning to trade, but really starting from scratch, as I’m sure you did. Can you advise this aspiring newbie what my first resource should be. Are your vids and books geared to the complete novice trader. I am doing matched betting, albeit slowly. Anyway your thought would be welcome..

  12. Hi Caan, thanks for the great site, I am learning a lot from you although I mainly do football and tennis trading, I am in Kent near Dartford so not to far from where you are from. I was just wondering what your view is on paid subscription services such as Trade Shark, Trading Football, FTA, TTH and the such, do you use any/some of these services, do they offer any real value.


  13. Hi Caan,
    I am a student and have recently started to look into ways of earning a bit of sideline money – I started matched betting have made a modest return – I am looking at starting to delve into BetFair trading (I will be buying your book) but have a few questions first.
    what kind of float do i need to start with? with matched betting i only started with £100 – is it possible to do this with trading?
    another issue would be time, i value time as an investment and if i can make money its well worth it however i am a full time student studying a rather full on course – are there any anutomated programs i can leave running while im studying to do this kind of trading for me? or is that something thats just not available/

    I appriciate your time in (hopefully) replying

    1. Hi Tyrone.

      Sounds like you’re after something that makes you lots of money, for little to no effort, with minimal startup capital. If you find such a thing, let me know 🙂

      All your questions are answered in the YouTube Channels Q & A.


      1. I’ve just read what i wrote in my previous message and can completely see what you mean!
        I didnt mean for it to come accross that way at all!
        what i was trying to get accross was to see if there is an automated program to place the bets on the Geek Toy while im studying, with input from me (an auto-clicker of type) only while im studying, other times i would be doing it manually as i like to “have my fingers in the pie”
        I am not expecting to make lots of money – on the contrary – just a small amount to build up a nest egg slowly (im in for the long haul, not short term profits)

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