Back in action!!

Hey all, appologies for the lack of posts over the last few months!! It’s been a hectic time and if you remember a couple of posts ago i suggested making the plunge full time….. now its done!!

Exciting times!! with Cheltenham just around the corner im even more confident of getting of to a impressive start. Optamism is going to be key im sure in the early stages.

So how have the markets been recently? On the whole i’ve found them pretty good although i do remember around this time last year in Feb they got pretty tough, hopefully all the cancellations are out the way now and there wont be much more bad weather. It really does put a downer on the day when it turns out to be a 2 card All weather day as far as im concerned, obviously it depends on the day of the week and which particular events are going on but if monday this week was anything to go by id rather treat myself to another day off!

I’ve had a few emails off people which is always nice to hear so keep em coming and feel free to post on the blog, i’ll be doing my best to update weekly now for a while as i have more time on my hands!!

Good luck and happy trading!

4 thoughts on “Back in action!!

  1. Hi. Hope you wont abandon you blog this time. It is really stimulating)). Where do you pull out the main profit from? Pre race or in-play?

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