Back up and dusting myself off!!

So after the recent problems mentioned in other posts I managed to pull myself together for todays cards. When I’ve had a look in the week the markets seemed rather bleak, today there was some decent races amongst them. It wasn’t a great result but its the first step back on the path to dusting myself off!!


Hopefully the next week or two shall continue like this and ill be prepared for the pre race markets of Cheltenham, at least they will bring some more genuine money into the mix!!


For everyone that told me to ‘COUNT ME IN’ I still need your crowdsourcing video’s!! currently ive had about 10 although in comparison to the 180+ that originally contacted me about it it’s not such a good turnout. I’ll need at least 20 to make sure i can make the final clip so if you havent already guys get them sent in! The funnier the better!




One thought on “Back up and dusting myself off!!

  1. Good to see you’re back on the winning track and not chasing to get it back 🙂 Cheltenhams around the corner so a good festival and you’d easily get back that 3K.

    Night be worth sticking up the crowdsourcing details again I’m sure a few of us missed it first time round

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