Bad week’s trading… we’re all only human I guess


This week’s been nothing short of a nightmare for me… although not necessarily for the reasoning you may initially be thinking. I mentioned previously this last week would see me upgrade to a bigger home, everything was timed perfectly and I’d made extra effort to contact my ISP (BT Business) several times to make sure I wouldn’t be without my main internet connection. When I was away in Andorra I got an email notifying me the new line would be installed while I was still on holiday… so without boring you anymore, around 7 phone calls, one week and at least 3 ‘mistakes’ later from BT im back online. As you can imagine the financial loss of not having a stable connection (4G signal and hotspots are all out in the new property) for that amount of time is really quite painful. I’m yet to hear back off them but hopefully they will put it right. In the mean time I need to find an reliable backup connection.

So over the last week I’ve been going through old recordings mainly to pick up on any extra market behaviour im perhaps not currently aware of, as helpful as it’s been the only thing on my mind has been to get back trading!

As you can imagine the first days trade back was less than appealing to see the cancellations meaning only the AW meetings at Southwell and Kempton were racing. With huge gaps between races it only seemed right to trade a few greyhounds markets… To be honest it was probably counter-productive stressing me out more than it was worth scraping around for a couple of quid only to be worn out when the next horse race started. For such a poor day of racing there was actually two really good opportunities, of which I completely messed both up. In the 15:35 at Southwell greed got the better of me turning what would have been the biggest result of the day into a loss and the other, well I was just far to slow and cautious to react. These things happen and I think its important to be as open about the bad results as the good, as I’ve said previously ‘were only human’. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fruitful…


4 thoughts on “Bad week’s trading… we’re all only human I guess

  1. Hi Caan, after a year of struggle I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere but the past week or so has been really tough. Maybe it’s the piss poor quality of racing but most races seem to have big stakes just sitting on the back or lay side (dutching all runners perhaps?) making it impossible to get in and out either side of the book. Is this a new thing or have you noticed it over the years? How do you play such situations?
    Cheers, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul, certainly not a new thing mate… I think a lot of its probably one person making a lot of cash. The less liquidity will have made it harder though for sure.

  2. I have only spent the last 3 months trying to learn to trade and have spent countless hours watching youtube videos and reading anything I find online that might be helpfull. I have been trading with small stakes but on monday decided to up them. Big mistake !! Every time I entered the market it went horribly against me. Like paul said some one was putting large ammounts in and I couldnt get out. My problem is lack of experience and will now be going back to the drawing board and back onto training mode. I find this very interesting and the fact that I cant understand it makes me want to learn to understand it more. Bring on the weekend when I can do some more training !!

  3. I feel your pain Caan! It’s a fucker when you sit there for 3 hours and only make £150 🙂

    Chin up mate ……


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