Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away… July

Well…. what a way to end the month!

A very peculiar week for me. Goodwood…. kind of expected there to be a lot of money and it felt like a bit of a let down to be honest.


I traded 6 days this week, 5 out of them 6 days every day I had a ‘blowout’. Resulting in not making a lot to be honest for the week which was rather disappointing.

Admittedly, all of them were my fault in one sense or another. And so after having tomorrow and maybe Monday off, I’m gonna go back to basics. With regards to how I approach the situation mentally.

To be honest that’s pretty much the only reason I’ve had these teething problems this week… getting above my station and being greedy. It’s mad how my trading can spiral downhill when I start to get a bit complacent. Especially when I don’t treat my mental approach with the respect it deserves.

So…. the grand total for July…. £1551.14.

To be honest I feel I let myself down quite a bit this week. But it’s still a respectable amount given the fact the first 2 weeks of the month I was only doing a couple of hours an evening. It’ll be interesting to see what next months results yield. It’ll be my first month of trading full-time without any distractions or problems!

Providing my connection don’t start playing up again that is!

4 thoughts on “Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away… July

  1. £1500+ for around two weeks work ain’t bad, it’s your highest monthly total this year and you ‘feel you let yourself down” 🙂

    Don’t be too hard on yourself , it’s hard enough winning without the added pressure of nit picking every mistake you make. Mistakes and missed opportunities occur on a daily basis when you’re churning 30 races or so a day.

    I dropped over a grand on the second race of the day today, did think of chasing it back but luckily knocked that idea on the head quickly, as the amounts I play it’s not something you claw back in a race or two. Struck lucky with another mistake later on picking up £600 and even managed to end the day in profit. It’s swings and roundabouts sometimes. I’m pretty sure if I’d chased or got bogged down with the loss I’d have ended the day a lot worse off.

    Just be happy you’re up for the week, most races ,win or lose, are soon forgotten even the big ones. Just learn form your mistakes and move onto the next race. I learnt my lesson today and spent the night recoding a few things. Been meaning to do for a while as I could have predicted I’d get hit sooner or later but was too lazy to do it earlier 🙁

  2. That old chestnut……
    The comlacency and greed thang……
    It’s tuff, I know that feeling the same way as all the other people that have found your blog will……….
    I find that if I don’t have a blowout on the first race then the rest falls into place. Just my experience, when do you find things go wrong during a trading session? Maybe I need to warm up, before going in hard. Would be interesting to compare notes.
    Maybe hypnosis or some other remedy is the answer but then again thinking of the benefits of trading over being an employee once in a while can crystalize the mindset.

  3. Hi Anon1, yeah i can see where ya coming from and although its more than 2 weeks really its not that bad thinking about it, more importantly like you say nit picking isnt helping.

    Hi Anon2, interesting you should say that as one of the ‘blowouts’ occured on the first race this week and 2 on the second….. and the last blowout yesterday was in the last race i did!! worst thing was that i was aware i was starting to feel tired and a bit hungry (1730hrs) i should have knocked it on the head a little earlier feeling like that…. to be honest if i hadnt had them mistakes this week i would have been at least another 300 – 400 quid up. Lesson learned i suppose 🙂

    Cheers for the comments guys


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