black friday sale

***UPDATE: Sorry, the Black Friday Deals Sold Out @ 5.01pm. Finished Until Next Year***

Lots of you have been asking, and Black Friday is here…

There’s only a couple of deep discounts each year, and this is one of them!

For today only (or until the limit is reached) you can grab a bargain. We’ve slashed the price on the following:

Video Course Package & Community:

The most powerful offering we have. The full video course package and private community forum…


  • 23 Course Modules, 114 Videos
  • Access via all platforms
  • Full Audio Transcription
  • Private Community Forum
  • All Experience Levels
  • Customer Support
  • All Future Upgrades Inclusive

There’s no dispute, with several upgrades this has become the best product we have.

Grab it while it lasts! This one’s sold out every Black Friday so far.

Discounted: Save £50 Here

Pre-Race Trading Guide:

The original pre-race trading guide (including all upgraded editions).

  • TG ImagePre Race Guide Version 4.3
  • 5 x Supporting Video Clips
  • Audio Transcription
  • Customer Support
  • Future Upgrade Inclusive
  • Beginner Friendly

The pre-race guide being the longest standing product on the site, recommended by many. If you’re just finding your feet in the pre-race markets it’s the ideal place to gain some momentum.

Discounted: Save £15 Here

Tennis Trading Guide:

First published in 2017 this guide focuses on trading the tennis markets.

  • TTG ImageTennis Traders Guide
  • 1 x Strategy Video (Specific)
  • Audio Transcription
  • Beginner Friendly

The accompanying strategy video makes it great value, highlighting a low risk strategy that can be used in specific situations.

Discounted: Save £15 Here

All offers are limited strictly to Black Friday.

6 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

    1. Hey Joey, not sure how long it is. But it’s long enough to show the specifics of one key strategy that works time and again – although it may not be available for use in every setup. A fixed way of applying yourself.

  1. what gives its still friday . price gone back up your just greedy probably never had any at reduced price anyway.
    just like your new club for experienced traders only or for people who
    paid £150.00 for your video .
    your just a rip off merchant.
    you should be called con berry.

    1. Hi Phil,

      When the deal started it was stipulated that we’d set a boundary. Because we’re happy enough to take part in Black friday but not at any cost.

      It’s not a new club, the video course has been around quite a while – it’s just that we regularly add to it and upgrade it, one of the most recent things being a specialist community.

      I don’t know if your issue is with the cost of £147, but when you think many people spend much of their life studying hard for a degree and leave university with £10,000+ in debt, which turns out to be of little use. I don’t think £147 for a video course that will help you win more and lose less is so bad. Especially with the prior mentioned community group.

      Each to their own, but I’m quite content with our offerings. I’m completely against those who do rip people off. If it was greed, I’d have let it carry on running beyond the initial word.

      All the best,

  2. Purchased the video course for £97 as part of the above deal. Very pleased with it so far and looking forward to learning loads and getting trading. Thank you Caan.

  3. £10,000+ debt? Haha try £36,000 + mate haha

    Yes, i was one of the fools who thought i’ll go to university. Ended up getting a micky mouse degree with nothing but £9-10 PH 9-5s on the other side.

    Nothing wrong with putting a black-friday sale on mate. In fact shows you care about your followers. You certainly didn’t have to ffs.

    “Con berry” did make me laugh tho, Something tells me Phil is a bit of a wordsmith (maybe also a tin-foil hat type) Maybe even a university graduate?

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