…but on a good day

Ok… so february has been a rather parculiar month although a very important one, this month started off well with 2 good days for me to only go and p*ss it all up the wall throughout the week after being completely negative, paranoid, frustrated etc… previous posts obviously show this. Its only really been the last week or so that i’ve ‘got a grip’ of myself with my mentality and its shown in my results.
Also this week i have now got ATR which is a great asset particularly trading the evening US races, without them i’d say its not worth it as post times often fluctuate massively. Im sure it will pay for itself month in month out.
So your probably thinking what relevance has all this to the video above? well i like the advert and make sure i have my berocca before i start for the day! lol because trading i need to be “me…. but on a really good day!”
February Result;
Result for last week (after focusing on mindset)

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