Cheltenham – All is Not Lost

Its been a week of mixed sorts, but after all week I would have not expected today to pan out quite how it did.

A very peculiar day… and today I really was bang on form, making 2 mistakes of which both were very costly unfortunately, firstly the big event of the day was the gold cup at 3.20 as you’ll see below I managed a measly £25 … rather disappointing seeing at one point I was almost £83 up only to get too emotionally attached to my exit as it was half filled… should have scratched the remainder and took £60 or so that was on offer. Hey ho, these things happen…. well that’s what I said to myself until I did similar in the last 30 seconds of the 4.00 race going from a moderate green to -£65 … there goes most the days profit.. strike rate was good though.

The main thing though I felt was the learning process today in particular provided me with, although it does not directly relate to the usual day in day out markets I have learnt a hell of a lot scalping wise particularly. And its given me some good experience. I’m not so scared of using slightly larger stakes in normal markets now so it would seem… hopefully this does not die out!.. that said it all depends on how much money is in ‘flow’ of the market, done a couple at wolves with small stakes as I had the spare time, the best result of which was a bit of a gamble so I left it on the nose (never usually do this) you guessed it should have taken the £15 instead left me with 66p.

All is not lost, it could have been a lot worse!!

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