Cheltenham – Treading Water

treading water

Riding it Out:

Day two of the festival and for myself it started quite well but soon ended up being rather poor yet again. Two steps forward and 2 back! very frustrating…

You’ll see below; in a few of the Cheltenham races I had pathetic small profits. I cant help but feel I could do with a bigger bank! Reason being at the prices they constantly sit at. I just cant get the cue positions I want on the lay side of the book.

Often I end up with say £500 on the back side and a pathetic £100 on the lay. By the time my £500 gets gobbled up, my lay has been matched but the way the market has changed. This means I then have to scratch the remaining £400 when I don’t really want to.

On some races it wasn’t quite the case as quite fortunately I got the opportune fill. There’s a really clear different in the results for sure! A few times, I found myself frantically clicking and scratching because of the liability problem. Unfortunately it meant I started to do stupid stuff and only just about dug myself out of a big hole before the end. Far from perfect.

cheltenham trading result

Hey ho, who knows what tomorrow will bring! It’s all a learning curve at this stage, at least I made some money. Surely if I continue to persevere like this it can only end in success?

I hope so…

2 thoughts on “Cheltenham – Treading Water

  1. Yeah, I’ve learnt that having a bigger bank is a necessity when trading these big meets. At times, it takes so long to get matched that bigger stakes are the only way to compensate.

    I’ve flung everything I’ve got at it this year (about 3.5k). Of course, the risks are bigger too, I lost -£45 in the last race *groan*

    All the best tomorrow 🙂

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