Christmas is coming….

It seem’s to have gone really quick this year and already the Coca-Cola advert’s on the TV already (it really is coming when that starts). This year seems to have gone in the blink of an eye, probably because it’s gone so well. This time last year I hoped to be half the way to what I’ve achieved in all honesty! Hopefully next year will continue the same way!!

This week I noticed Oscar Whisky went well in the Ryman Stationery Cheltenham Business Club Novice’s Chase at Cheltenham. It’s always good to keep an eye on this sort of thing this time of year in anticipation of Cheltenham next year, in fact it’s just been good to see Cheltenham back on the card all together with the bad weather at bay.

This week I’ve answered just about all the emails I had from when I was away in Paris, it took some time but I always do my best to answer everything!

A common theme that seems to be cropping up from those that have contacted me seems to be that when learning this great game people struggle with their own emotional responses when the market doesnt go as they expect.

I’ve dug out this clip from YouTube that I haven’t watched for some time although i keep it bookmarked as it’s very good when the markets feel a bit tough although you suspect it’s your own interaction with them!


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