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CJ’s Trading Story… | Forum Member (CJones198)


CJ’s got a trading story, and he’s here to share it with you!

Some will have see his daily updates on the trading community. If not, it’s worth the read. Chris has been learning to trade for a while now and regularly exchanges his thoughts and ideas with like-minded users.

Over to you CJ…

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Who is CJ? Why Trading?

My name is Chris I’m 32 from Wrexham in North Wales. I run a small building contracting business whilst building up a property rental portfolio. I’ve got a 7 year old son, and a 4 year old daughter (so as you can imagine, I have quite a busy life). I discovered trading probably about 3-4 years ago but didn’t start looking at it seriously until a couple of years back. I was just dabbling here and there, between watching the content on YouTube.

I came to trading via matched betting, I suspect a lot of others have followed the same path!

After a nice two year at that, and £15.000 or so profit, the inevitable account restrictions came. So my attention turned to sports trading, particularly pre race horse trading. I started there purely because the first few videos I watched were from Caan in the racing markets. I’ve never been a racing fan at all!

In my mind when I thought of horse racing, I conjured up the image of old men smoking rollies and talking about “dead certs” whilst reading the racing post. Probably during break time on a building site. I thought racing wan inevitable a losers game! Sport-wise I only followed football (the mighty Man Utd of course).

But anyway, being the type of person that is attracted to making money, achieving freedom and independence – I saw the huge potential on offer!

I am a bit of geek in nature as I like numbers and statistics! (I also love a good spread sheet).

2019’s Trading Experiences: 

Currently I am at a break even point in my trading. In the past I have suffered with the usual problems that everyone has in their career (over staking, going in play etc). However, in the past few months I’ve overcome this (thanks to the support on the community).

In the 2 year time frame since looking at trading properly I have improved massively. Within the last 4 months or so, I have switched focus from purely looking at how to make a quick buck to actual learning about how the market function. Possibly more importantly, I have also focused on how I function whilst trading. It’s made a big difference!

The forum has been great for help, I would say it’s accelerated a turning point for me. I say this because there are some cracking contributions, talking about the mechanics of the market (ranges, support and resistance etc.) but also watching other people posting about their mistakes and losses. It’s a great learning tool because you can see things you might be doing in other peoples mistakes. I wouldn’t say there has been a single aha! point, but several points where I have felt I have got closer to consistency, quickly. My biggest downfall has always been going in-play.

In order to overcome this I have been doing the following;

  • Not over staking, its easy to accept a small loss as opposed to a 20% of your bank.
  • Objectively identifying an edge(s), and trading based on that – being strict.
  • Forget about the money line, focusing on market activity.
  • Sort out my environment before trading! (massive help).
  • Greyhounds markets – others have said this has helped them too. Purely because in-play isn’t an option.

You wouldn’t believe some of the places I’ve tried to trade from in the past! (a half built basement on a joiners bench using a 4g dongle).

Pre-Race Trader Aspirations:

I hope to just build on what I’m doing at present, because it’s working for me. My knowledge of the markets is improving and I’m now able to identify good trades and what is more likely to happen than not. Building on this has to be a good thing, along with my personal discipline and behaviour.

I’m focusing more on swing trading, because for me it has the most potential. Scalping in my opinion is only really viable for a select number of races each day, so it’s more limited in the long run. With some more market experience I intend to increase the consistent results.

I’m looking forward to summer trading with more availability during the evenings and weekends. My time is limited time during the week so the summer schedule will provide more opportunities to trade.

So breifly; the target is to maximise consistency, but as the great del-boy said:

“This time next year Rodney we’ll be millionaires!”

You never know!

Thanks for reading,

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4 thoughts on “CJ’s Trading Story… | Forum Member (CJones198)

  1. Great read CJ, good to hear about your progress. Sorting your environment certainly leads to a more productive trading session, good luck.

  2. Nice story CJ . Though I’m surprised you can concentrate on your trading at all matey, given the fact you’re a Man U fan, haha!

    1. Yes Man Utd, how the mighty fall! I should have dug the photos of the half built basement where I tried trading. You’d shake your heads! Thanks everyone.

  3. Good read and see a lot of me in your journey. Lost my bank and a bit more in the 1st month. Reading others stories and watching Caans videos i’m Now having regular winning by being more selective of races traded.

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