Disobeying Rule Six….

6. I continually monitor my susceptibility for making errors

over confidence
I’m progressing at a rapid rate of knots… simple. Until I got a little sure of myself….
Foolish mistake
I haven’t got a lot to say for myself today, other than I’m pretty frustrated with the overall result. It really didn’t need to be like that!
However, on reflection I only have myself to blame. I struggled to keep to my own set of ‘rules’ as it were. It’s purely a mental problem, a reactional thing within me! I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing a bit of euphoria with my current progress but I have to keep reminding myself that; abiding by my own rules is the key to consistency. Tomorrow’s another day and my market reading abilities are getting better and better so shouldn’t complain!!
Just goes to show even as we increase in ability were still susceptible to stupid mistakes, ultimately its the difference between a  £54 afternoon and a £8 afternoon was my attitude today…. just a short post for now!
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5 thoughts on “Disobeying Rule Six….

  1. Thanks, its nice to have some posative feedback.. can begin to wonder if many are reading at times, With regards to the bank size… i started with £600 on the 1st of Jan… after that shocker going in-play it was as low as around £370 i believe.. from that point on i vowed not to top up my account again, which has made building it up all the more rewarding. I keep it around 1k at the moment which i think is ample for where im at currently… thats only really so i can lay at bigger prices from time to time.

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