Ecstatic! ….. and the perks of trading for a living!

Thanks for all congratulatory messages this week from those that have seen the Twitter/Facebook updates I posted earlier in the week! And for those of you that don’t have a clue what im on about I just became a Dad for the second time!! Im completely thrilled to bits, I now have 2 son’s to teach how to trade Betfair! haha.

In my eye’s being a parent is one of the very few things that beats making large amounts of cash in life, so being a success in both departments leaves me feeling pretty special!

And as if it couldn’t get much better it just does…. being fortunate enough to work such short hours and be my own boss i’ll have plenty of time with the new addition without having to worry! I’ll still be around this week if you’ve emailed a question and as always get back to you although it might not be quite as rapid as usual. As you can imagine theirs a lot going on!!

With today being another Channel 4 Chester card I thought it’d be rude to totally miss it…. so I’ve just finished after a few hours work! – the irony being I traded today due to the better quality meeting being on national TV but it was the track with by far the worst set of results! A couple of times I got a little over excited and burnt some hefty green’s, but still it wasn’t too bad and now I’ve got the rest of the day to myself!!

6 thoughts on “Ecstatic! ….. and the perks of trading for a living!

  1. Great day for you today Caan…..well done and congrats on your 2nd little one…we’re on our 2nd grandchild…just.

    I made £25.08 today on £12 base stakes (scaled up for lower odds aka ticks)

    I’ve sent you a personal email a few days ago about allowing bets to go in-play (or not)..would be most greatful if you can answer it when you’ve time in between nappies.

  2. Congratulations Caan. The older you get, the more you realise how important time is, so I can identify with your comments. Being able to spend the days on your own terms, is so much more important than “large amounts of cash”. If you can do both, then happy days!!

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