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Eureka Or Just Luck?: Market Overview

Betfair Market Overview Chart

[Feb 13, 2011]

Market Overview Chart

I had a rather well-timed turn of fate today at Navan (was much-needed).

This is my market overview screen-shot just before the start, unfortunately I didn’t see this little move until it hit around 7.2 so I missed out on a fair amount of steam although I’m extremely happy with what I did manage to catch!

If only I’d have been a little bolder with the stake, but it’s always easy to say that afterwards!

Up until now…

I’d not really made much use of the market overview chart. The Geeks toy’s kick-ass charting (thanks Mr Geek!) is everything that’s needed for pre-race trading. Some of the other softwares around are great too although a lot of the other stuff is just ‘bells and whistles’ to me. The market overview charting is becoming more and more useful, not that anything has changed, except how much I look at it!

For some time I wasn’t even really looking at it, on reflection that’s madness. After-all, it’s probably the easiest way to see the entire market, in one place without too much trouble. Looking at the manual ladders is all well and good but you’ll only ever see 3 or 4 at the same time. In the past I’ve been stuck into a market trading to have completely missed the 4th or 5th runner (like the chart above) had completely crashed in price. Obviously that has to make an impact on the other price.

I’ve been playing with my styles and techniques of trading too. I don’t think I’ve changed a huge amount, although some misfortune and frustrating circumstances lately have led me to feeling like I’m becoming more ‘adaptable’ to a wider range of markets. Before now I have often targeted the swing markets getting heavier on the stakes. Evening markets seem to trend a little more so it’s ideal for the times I’m free to trade, where as scalping and working resistance points I was hopeless at previously. It’s just a shame Newbury didn’t happen yesterday as it would have given me a clearer view of what was going on. Given the nature of the meeting; I’ve improved massively when I look back several months. Wanting to progress quickly is all well and good (im a sucker for that) but realistically I think it’s better to look at longer-term progress… It’s far less stressful if nothing else.

I’ve seen a few posts on the Geeks Toy forum about various charting, what do readers tend to use most? I find the only other chart that is of real interest to be the volume matched, and of course the Betfair chart but I spoke about that previously.

It’s pretty tricky finding your way in this game as there seems to be very little help on offer out there! I spend a lot of time researching although those that appear to know seldom comment.

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