Feeling OLD! 30th Birthday Celebrations…

Spa Day Birthday

It happens to everyone, and there’s no going back! 30 years old

It seems to have crept up on me pretty quick! Don’t worry, I’m not about to have a mid-life crisis… it does make me think more though.

Birthday Celebrations…

I’ve never been one for big birthday celebrations, if anything, quite the opposite. This year though I had started to think about it a week or two before (late to plan something big I know).

One of the great things about the kind of work I do is the freedom, its part of the reason I was so keen to learn in the first place. I mean, who doesn’t want the freedom to do what they want, when they want with nobody to answer too? 

On the flip-side it can prove frustrating once achieving it. Purely because I can drop everything at a moments notice it doesn’t mean everyone else can! I really was contemplating just having a few beers and seeing where the airport takes me… but with everyone else working and family commitments it wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately someone else had organised a little surprise for me. On Monday morning I was whisked off to a luxurious spa complex for the day. Not something I expected at all, but it was a pretty amazing day to say the least… I couldn’t have asked for more!

With the thought of going abroad on my mind still I calmed down a little but still couldn’t resist the urge. Instead I’ll be off for another weeks holiday on Friday (tomorrow) to enjoy a bit of warm weather in the Canaries!

Moments of Reflection…

Maybe it’s not such a big deal but hitting a milestone birthday does make you think a little about life in general. The things achieved and what’s to come…

I know I’ve managed to live faster than most in my time, which may have even helped me conquer the task of trading profitably. Perseverance is key, especially when the chips are down. As to what the next 30 years holds I don’t know? The markets are still enjoyable at the moment and will become even more so in the coming months, but will betting exchanges ever take over the industry?

In the past it’s always seemed that way and I don’t see any reason for them not to still, but it does seem like quite a few are out to stop it. Those with big bucks too. A few of others I have spoken to lately have had similar problems to I. It seems the bookies don’t like exchanges getting too much attention.

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On my Return…

The last month or two’s been pretty hectic with one thing or another. It’ll be good to get back to normality soon, along with my favourable trading conditions!

Taking time away from everything is always hard when you’re not in a normal job, making money becomes addictive at the best of times but I’m glad I’ve taken a bit of time out to reflect. Having a break has brought a positive kick to results in the past so im sure it will this time too. It’d be interesting to know how many others have experienced this too?!

We’re now heading towards the summer racing! Evening racing will really pick up shortly and bring a lot more opportunity for both full and part-time traders. Less poor-quality racing, more liquidity and less opportunity of those nasty manipulators mentioned in the previous post linked below! (they find it harder to push things about when theirs genuine money as you’d imagine).

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I’ve cleared the backlog of email I had but will respond to any others as soon as im back! Have a good week…

6 thoughts on “Feeling OLD! 30th Birthday Celebrations…

  1. You will have a happier and longer life if you cut down on the drinking.Nearly all the photographs you display of your work environment show empty booze bottle .One of the problems of free time is that nearly everybody else is doing 9 to 5 jobs except for the unemployed.Dead easy to pass your time having a drink until you fill the recycling bin with bottles in two days.Take a word of caution from someone who has read the book seen the film and worn the tee shirt alcohol and families do not mix you will end up with a bottle in one hand and no family.Nothing wrong with a drink it’s the amount and regularity of it that drives wives and friends away no one wants a lush around.

  2. just landed back from the canaries today, las palmas in gran canaria – let me know if you want any tips for some cracking restaurents etc

  3. Hi caan is it possible if you have time you could email as I’ve followed your blog or a while and can’t see a contact email address
    Many thanks

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