Final blog challenge!

It’s what i need…..
 Ok chaps so its been just over a year since i started this blog and i dont really have much time for it lately just because im so busy either with other things or trading, i just don’t seem to have time talk about it so much!
So to that end im gonna do a final challenge for the blog and knock it on the head afterwards… the season is coming for the gee gee’s and im quietly optamistic for success with alot of effort on standby, i’ve not long taken out a tennancy agreement and got myself sorted after last years fall out that previous readers will be aware of. Now its time to get myself well and truly on a role for the future….
The tenancy agreement runs out on the 1st of August, my aim from now untill then is to raise enough for a deposit to buy a property, so the benchmark is going to be £10,000 (after premium poll tax). I realise theirs a possability that i could go over that and hopefully i will! but as most will know its not good to have outrageous targets.
So what will i be trading? Horses, UK, USA, AUS, pre race and inplay, greyhounds, tennis maybe and even the odd bit of football possibly….. wish me luck and follow me for the next few months as i ‘trade a deposit’

3 thoughts on “Final blog challenge!

  1. Good luck !!!

    I like to follow other traders challenges 😉 Still can not really understand how it’s possible to make challenges like…

    0—->100 000 or something like this ( I found a few blogs some time ago)…..I mean if they can make money from 0 they must know something I missed LOL

    Wish you the best……

  2. LOL … i dont have 0 in my account rocky, but thats what’s going to stay in their at the end hopefully 🙂 thanks… sure its gonna be fun lol

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