Good to hear that Cheltenham roar!…

Day one of the Festival out the way and it was really good to hear that ‘Cheltenham roar’ – seems like its been far longer than a year since the last time I heard it!

The first race started off pretty smoothly with the fill rate being a little more than I had expected for the first day, maybe it was just because it was the first race? either way a fairly pleasant start to proceedings. In fact on the whole the day was a pretty smooth one, in the biggest race of the day I made several errors, holding on a bit too long on a large stake which was a shame as it hampered the result although it could have been worse – I managed to keep it green, and I even recorded a couple on the way!

If the rest of the week progresses like today I’ll be fairly happy to plod along, with the biggest races bringing the highest turnover yet to come as I mentioned in my previous post I would have thought I haven’t really pushed myself yet. It’s always a good way to start though just to eradicate any negative thinking!

Anyway here’s how it went for me…. not a lot to report other than the markets were nice and full just as I remembered them!


If its your first Cheltenham Festival trading or even your 5th I’d be keen to hear what you thought of it in the comments section below! How did you find it? learn a thing or two?!


3 thoughts on “Good to hear that Cheltenham roar!…

  1. Hi Caan, (@brumtaxi67) , first Cheltenham as you know. Mixed feelings!! Still not there. Might give up lol. Numbers are good. Monday read 14 races 12w 1s and 1loss. Yesterday 24 races 21w 1s and 2 loss but the 2 loss I let go too far and finished even doh. Still hold a position too long don’t scratch quick enough then it all goes against me

    1. it does take time tho mark.. i was saying to someone else the other day i think just the experince counts for a lot at times… sure gets easier! dont give up their good results by the sounds of it

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