Green and Purple…. a Nice Combination


So after a little bit of small stakes playing about on the purple side (£2). I realised I had an email in my inbox from them telling me my first bet of £30 should it now win I would receive a complimentary £30 bet….

Rookie stuff really, overlooking that so I called them this morning to see if I could get it back as most of my P/L’s on the purple side didn’t exceed 26p. Gotta try your luck right?

The nice woman on the phone assured me if I called them after my first bet lost as a gesture of good will they would credit me the supplementing free bet…

Never had to call them back to get the free bet as it didn’t lose… happy day’s. A nice little bonus in the bag! Long may the good stuff on the purple continue!

Hopefully I can get some trading in tomorrow and Saturday. There are some bigger meetings, not done a lot lately which is rather naughty as could do with the cash. Couldn’t we all!

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