Has the whole world gone mad?

“Computer says no…..”

Recently I’ve moved once more as you’ve probably read with all manner of problems, however this time it seems to have thrown up yet another one. Renting somewhere to live!

I’ve been through the process several times now, letting agencies don’t have a ‘tick box’ for me so the computer says no…

The questions seem to go like this – ‘who’s your employer?’ or ‘where are your last 3 years tax records?’ I have neither obviously as gambling is tax-free and I gamble with my own money.

This is always going to be an issue for trading Betfair full-time and shouldn’t be a major problem, so the obvious answer given the large sums of money that are earnt is – Pay up front. The only other alternative which was offered to me is can you prove you have 2 years worth of rent saved? After swiftly popping to the bank to print off a statement I was swiftly rejected despite having 3 years worth….

Twice now I’ve offered to pay up front and been rejected just because the Landlord isn’t comfortable with the fact I don’t have an employer or tax records, has the whole world gone mad?! If I was an investor and somebody turned up and asked to rent my property and pay a years rent up front i’d practically chew their arm off!!!

Have any other full-time traders experienced such problems or able to offer an advice? It’s really quite frustrating given the insanity of the situation! Finding a guarantor is proving really quite tough for me too unfortunately as friends and family either can’t fulfill the criteria along with their own expenses.

My fortune has to change soon with Cheltenham around the corner!! It literally can’t come quick enough!!


11 thoughts on “Has the whole world gone mad?

  1. I’d probably look for somewhere on Gumtree, maybe a flat sharing with one other person? It’s more likely to be a bit less official and ‘off the books’. It’s where I always advertise my spare room.

    Good luck, dude!

  2. Cheers Caan,

    That’s an issue you can’t get pass through with your current activity. I had the exactly same problem as you in another country. My workaround was saying that I was making a PhD with a scholarship. It’s a necessary white lie for going with our lives.

  3. Its probably a bit late for your current predicament mate, but as you already have a popular website and a growing fanbase you should try doing some affiliate marketing for some of the onling betting sites. That would give you a easy (albeit small) monthly income which is taxed,takes up very little time and might help to bolster your future options with idiots such as letting agencies and the like.

  4. Mate, perhaps this is an opportunity for Betfair to come to the party. As you predominantly make your profits and pay substantial commissions with them surely they could provide a statement of your earnings on an official letterhead with a contact to substantiate the statement if required. Just a thought. cheers & all the best.

  5. Cheers for the comments guys, i seem to have found a possible way around it with an old freind that’s willing to put their name to it… as frustrating as it is. Betfair would make little difference with a letterhead i think wayne, its only proof of past income as someone said to me all be it if its massively in excess of whats needed. It’s definately something to think about for the future if ever i needed a mortgage… although with how it has been and is currently it’d just be easier to save a while and buy somewhere.

  6. set up a ltd company in the isle of man and pay yourself a wage from it or just move here cash is king here lol

  7. also just a couple of quick unrelated question, what computer set up do you use spec and that and do you use oddschecker to check the market before you trade,

    1. I dont look at oddschecker before i trade barry, computer spec is pretty average and was custom built a couple of years ago… i keep it dedicated to trading though so its pretty smooth.

  8. Have had the exact same issue my entire life. I have been running a Sportsbook and Lottery operation out of Trinidad & Tobago for the past five years. I couldn’t get any credit, or car loan in my home country of Canada, even though I had bank deposit records that would have well covered the payments going months back. Trying to rent was a complete waste of time and effort. It is annoying to see other people who barely make enough money to get by able to finance, have their own home and new vehicle while I technically don’t exist to the bank. I have since moved to Colombia, where things are little more easy to deal with.

    I have got used to the fact that I will never be able to rent/finance or get a credit card, but I trade off and sleep well knowing the amount of stress in my life is far less than many of those people who do.

  9. Dredging up this old post as it came up whilst I was searching for answers to similar questions… moving from full time employment to full-time self employment in sports trading is really problematic on this front. Makes the employment feel less legitimate and to some, means there’s no difference between this and being a gambling addict. I’m not even willing to tell most people what I am doing now..

    Think I’ll end up doing adult education for the rest of my life and list myself as a perennial student. Sigh..

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