Lets set a few things straight….

Ok so lately i’ve had a couple of questions off readers which is absolutely fine and i always make an effort to respond at least.

However after this weeks Goodwood posts i’ve had a bit of a sour response, its not suprising i suppose as in all walks of life if you do well there’s always someone looking to put you down or knock you back. Unfortunately for these people id say their more likely to make up the statistic of consistent loosers in trading as their attitude is a hinderance to their progression.

So to set the record straight, 3 days P/L over goodwood as posted on here….

Hopefully that clears up im not photoshopping results, straight betting, inplay or selectively showing things on the blog… i even clicked on a few races to show the turnover for that reason.

I can understand peoples attitude to a degree with this kind of thing as it’s known their is people out there no badgers mentioned ripping people off for tranning courses that are not backed up by personal results, that said im not even selling anything… and if i ever decided to then i’d expect to back it up with some sort of proof.

Rant over.

8 thoughts on “Lets set a few things straight….

  1. I agree with mets 🙂

    Just ignore the doubters there’s no need to put up proof of pnl, Temujin continually brags of his big wins never done him any harm 😉

  2. Well done C. I’ve watched your results improve for some time and can honestly say that I have every admiration for your efforts. If I could read markets like you do, or even at all I’d be insufferable

  3. Hey Cann, glad you restarted your blog and great to see how you have really continued to kick on. Your have been very inspiring and always helpful. Keep it up mate 🙂

  4. Yes, well done Caan. Juggling life and trading to the levels you do can be quite difficult. What’s going to be your strategy during the winter months when evening horse races are at a minimum?

  5. Hi rick… not sure what ill do at the moment probably just have to make do for now as it would be silly to go full time in the winter.

    Anon…. not sure what thats supposed to mean ?

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