Little Fish, BIG Pond…

little fish big pond

Not a lot to report of late.. in fact not as much time to trade as usual.

Hopefully ill catch a bit of Aintree this week if I can and put my new-found Cheltenham experience to use.

Improvement Techniques:

So I’ve been thinking how I could improve and adapt a little.

Now I know a lot of traders view trading the favorite as ‘feeding the sharks’. The big influencers in the market control the favourite a lot of the time, providing some sporadic moves at times. Leaving ya thinking “how the hell did that happen?”. But I sometimes trade the favourite…

Seeing it has the superior fill rate, and most price movement in almost every race. I want to learn how to trade favourite more and more.

It’d be good to be able to trade the favourite consistently as without a doubt – it’s where the most profit is. No wonder the big-boys seem to hog it, knocking us all around.

New Waters…

And so, this little fish (me) ventures deeper into the bigger pond (trading favourites). Hopefully I don’t get swallowed by the bigger fish instantaneously!

There were points particularly earlier in the year where I thought it’s almost impossible to trade the favourite. Looking back, this was naive. With consistent success on the larger prices I’m feeling a little braver now. I think possibly the favourite requires a rather specific mental approach…. of which I think I’m more equipped to deal with now. You have to start somewhere, right?

I’ll keep you updated as much as possible regards this new segment of market trading. The tough bit is going to be making sure I’m true to myself through results. It’d be easy to lose some money on the favourite, at a shorter price. And then go on to recoup that loss on an outsider before declaring myself the new Warren Buffet of Betfair haaha! (yea right).

Wish me luck!

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