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Trading is a pretty lonely existence, it always has been… and for most will be.

With the nature of trading that’s not unusual, but it’s easy to shut ones self away with the screens, data and endless markets to trade. Doing that’s not always healthy (trust me, I know!) and worse still, having nobody to share your enthusiasm with can be frustrating.

There are various places and forums knocking about to share your trading thoughts although most aren’t all that active and don’t offer live notifications. So it makes sense to have a live chat, where you can turn notifications on. 

If you’re interested you can do exactly that here (Betfair Traders Chat)

It’s been running a week or so and already has a few people inside! So far it seems people are discussing daily back-to-lays, early market movers and potential trading opportunities.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so make sure you make a quick post to say who you are and what your trading preferences are, we’re keen to hear! All sports and abilities are welcome…

Oh, and feel free to add my personal profile on Google+ too!

This week…

This week’s been pretty busy for me with a pile of tennis data, a wedding to attend and the Geeks Toy Promotion so I’ll resume posting as usual soon!

In short the racing markets have been ‘lukewarm’ which is typical for the last two weeks, But I’ll be looking to get stuck in with a few big meetings just around the corner.

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