Long post! …… The last year & the future……

It been a bit longer than usual since I last posted up, apologies for that but I’ve had rather a lot going on!

So! this last weekend just gone I went to Silverstone for a Ferrari day experience followed up by having my son for a bit longer than usual which was great. He’s growing so fast and as time goes by hopefully I can work even less hours to spend more with him! Even though it’s already a standing joke amongst friends I work less than part-time hours ha!
The day at Silverstone was awesome leaving me thinking only one thing – I must own a Ferrari ! … It’s some way off as yet although it’s gave me a little more to ponder with regards the future. Here’s a snippet of me on the track, the quality isn’t the best but you get the idea, if I’d had a bit more time and experience I think I’d thrown it around even harder.

Around the track…..

So that was great fun, but I cant help but think I’d like one in the future…

The future….

So over the last 12 months I’ve had an amazing time and looking back on it I’ve done a hell of a lot for one year…

I’ve spent a lot of time in beer gardens,  been to the Maldives, been to Magaluf, been to Paris, been to Tenerife, been to Flaine, France snowboarding, driven a Ferrari and believe it or not….. I’ve still saved enough to put a hefty deposit on a house! The only trouble being currently I can’t raise a standard mortgage to buy one!

Not being to be able to raise one has been a source of frustration for me having recently moved a couple of times recently. So having thought about it I think im going to step up the trading a notch, you can expect a lot more updates in the coming weeks! Also im toying with the idea of learning something about Football in the hope of trading the matches for larger stakes due to the added liquidity of the games, as Donald Trump would say ‘While your thinking, think big’.

The evening racing is due to start in a few days time so its going to be hard resisting the beer garden but im sure it’ll be worth it a little if i can get a property or two together in the next year or so! Hopefully it’ll get me that bit closer to a Ferrari too!!


If you want to check out the Racing Calendar you can HERE. I’d advise if your serious about it to pick and choose some times that are both good to trade and fit in around your life as it’s too easy to get sucked into trading a bit too much when theirs racing on all day every day! It’s important to keep the balance to stay on top form!!


4 thoughts on “Long post! …… The last year & the future……

  1. You need to be planning for the 60% PC Caan, it’ll soon be on you at the rate you’re doing. As soon as I’d figured things out my earnings shot up and making a few grand a week soon get you to Super PC territory. I think you’ll be in for a shock when your regular £6K a week drops to less than £2K 🙁

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