MASSIVE DISCOUNTS: Black Friday is Now On! (Limited Offers)

Lots of you emailed in the week, and now the discounts are here…

There’s only a couple of deep discounts each year, and this is one!

For Black Friday only (or until the limit is reached) you can grab a bargain on all products.


Each product has an individual limit where discounts will end. If the limit is not triggered, offers will stand until 23:59 on Friday the 26th of November 2021.

We’ve slashed our prices with the following discounts available now:

Video Pack Course (Horse Racing Trading) £50 OFF!

Our best-seller, the most comprehensive trading course available when it comes to pre-race horses. There have been multiple updates and additions over the years with the very first users still benefiting. A private user community is included with your account. This product is our main focus with future developments.

Click for full details: Video Pack Course & User Community.

Video Pack Image

Grab it while it lasts! This one has sold out every year so far.

Football Course (Pre-Game & In-Play) £80 OFF!

The latest addition for football traders has been popular this year. The highest-priced product has the deepest discount on offer with a £70 saved. The full listing includes all details below.

Click for full details: Football Trading Course & User Community.

football trading betfair

Original Trading Guides: £20 OFF!

Our product store started with one small-scale trading guide about the horse racing markets. Due to its popularity and user demand, other products have followed. All of our trading guides have a deep discount for black Friday this year, please see their individual listings for full details!!

Product Store Click Here

p.s. all discounts are strictly limited to the promotional window.

2 thoughts on “MASSIVE DISCOUNTS: Black Friday is Now On! (Limited Offers)

  1. so it looks like i have missed out on the video packed course discount any chance of getting that coupon again for the black friday discount as i just bought your software tool toy and now i missed this as i need to know how to use the tool as i am a bit confused with your site as i bought the toy bot but have no access to your site as i can not register at it.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      I don’t have a software tool? I think maybe you are getting me confused with someone else.
      The BF discount finished 2 days ago so that’s probably why you didn’t catch it there, sorry.

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