McGregor v Mayweather: Where’s the Value?

McGregor v Mayweather

Do the odds really reflect the implied chance?

The last year or so has been rife for shake-ups with Trump, Brexit and female Doctor Who’s…

But will McGregor be the next?…

Has McGregor Really Got a Chance?

The media has done a pretty immense job at pumping this one up. Which is always of interest, because it can provide some serious value.

Connor McGregor is a hell of a showman too. I find him quite fascinating in a way. That level of self-belief consistently shines though, and in my opinion, is probably a large contributing factor to his previous successes. But is this one a step too far?

Many don’t think so. I’m not so sure myself.

It’s more difficult to size up than usual being an unconventional match-up. And I’m not exactly the worlds best judge at this sort of thing, I’m the first to admit.

I’ll probably just watch the fight to be honest, keeping an eye on the odds. Should I feel it to be one of those ‘this is ridiculous for the price’ situations I may have a small wager. Not the focus for me though.

For me to get involved I want some distinct value. But is there any?

Where’s the Value?

In this instance I don’t have an edge, so I’ll probably just sit it out.

But if there were to be value in this fight, I’d have thought it’s on Mayweather. There’s every chance McGregor could strike hard early, but if he doesn’t, I doubt he’ll win.

The odds just don’t seem appealing to me. Although I suspect Connor should be longer in price. The media hype keeping them in…

On thing’s for sure though. There is a hell of a lot of value in this for the two fighting, a turbo payday.


This recent twitter poll shows just how even the public’s perception is. But is it just a good pitch from those promoting it?

What do you think? Let me know and reply below…

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5 thoughts on “McGregor v Mayweather: Where’s the Value?

  1. Hi Caan,

    Undoubtedly McGregor is a good MMA fighter, but he’s up against Mayweather who is a great boxer (albeit father time isn’t on his side).

    This has been well sold by the promoters which is great as I’m quite sure that Mayweather will shorten as the rounds go on (I’m already up a few ticks on Mayweather pre-fight too).

  2. Hi Caan check out the odds for “Mayweather to get knocked down but go on to win” on Betfair 7.6/8.4, and a slightly different bet, Mayweather to get knocked down and go on to win “on points” with the bookies, 9/1! There’s value there, even though I want CM to ko FM and believe he will win, the value is there in these 2 markets.
    Graham, The Odds Beater

  3. One of the best boxers of all time. Let me say that again. One of the best of all time. Never been beaten and never knocked down. The very best boxers out there over 20 years fight each other and the best of the best fight floyd mayweather and he in turn beats the best of the best. Just think about that. And now he is fighting someone that has never had a professional boxing fight in his life ! WTF ! This is like me getting in the ring with Anthony Joshua. Chance very close to zero.
    However , I like to trade not bet and I like to take a red if things don’t go as I expected. Mcgegors only chance is a freak punch which I rate at about 2% which makes Mayweather 1.02 fair value , be generous and call it 1.05. At 1.27 he is huge value.
    After much much thought I’ll be watching without having a bet as I’m not into losing 100% of my stake on a freak punch. Should be fun !

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