Motivation, What’s Yours?

A couple of posts ago I posted about Work, Work, Work – No Holidays, since then I’ve booked up another holiday in August…

If you read my last post you’ll know I was stuck for places to take my son, eventually I found a really nice place in Marmaris.

I’ve pondered quite a lot since then, which has led me to this post… It’s an important one!


What’s your goal? What do you want to achieve from trading Betfair? Why are you doing it?

and once you’ve answered those…

How much do you want it? How far are you willing to go?

The previously mentioned post along with a mixture of recent emails left me thinking…

Apart from understanding of the markets; what is the difference between those that do and those that don’t?

Over a few days it’s led me to the conclusion that its often the amount of effort made, motivation or as some put it ‘having a vision’. I might not have realised I was doing it but whilst learning I had a very compelling vision as to what I wanted to achieve… and a powerful reason to push on to achieve it.

As I said in the other post it all started when my then wife was pregnant with my son, it was probably a mixture of panic knowing another mouth to feed was on the way along with dissatisfaction in my previous job. The fact I stumbled across something I would potentially really enjoy doing also probably made the motivation mixture that extra bit potent.

Not alone…

It always amazes me how some of the biggest success stories are born out of a bad situation. On a different level admittedly, but Duncan Bannatyne from dragons den noted his life changing moment being sat on a beach on the Isle of Wight, absolutely broke. I may be wrong but I think also he had a child on the way too!

Over time motivation changes without a doubt, the taste of some success often adds fuel to the fire. But the important thing is to have the fire of motivation still burning bright! as soon as you let it dwindle the more chance it will go out. So without setting monetary values in the markets daily/weekly etc it’s probably a good idea to have some kind of goal holidays/buying a home etc.

Another great way of keeping motivated I’ve found is to remind yourself who you’re doing it for, if not yourself (keep a picture of your kids on your desk, or even an exotic holiday destination maybe).

As I’ve heard numerous times before in different places, life’s a game of inches – you have to make every single one count! It may look bewildering looking at the end goal all the time too so breaking it down can be helpful.

Either way its good to have these things spur you on when you’re up reading articles and watching videos of the markets until the early hours! and if you don’t do it… you can guarantee someone else will!

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I searched YouTube for ‘motivational speech’ and it come up so many results it was hard to choose (including a hilarious one of a homeless man). Hopefully it’ll help along with this post to motivate you to new levels of action to help you achieve your goals!!

Good Luck!!

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  1. I love reading your post’s, and I also find your videos helpful and encouraging. I’m having a rough time myself trying to get to grips with trading, having been a traditional betting man initially. Anyway thank’s, and keep the good work up for people like me. Have a great hol.

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