To Car or Not to Car…. Seriously, Help Me Out

So its been a while since I treated myself to a new car…

In fact I seem to do it once a year. You may remember, a couple of years back I bought a pretty sporty Astra which was pretty new at the time. It managed to cost me a small fortune in the space of a year so I got rid of it. I want a new car now but, I don’t want the same happening to me again. I like cars although haven’t much of a clue whats best to be looking at so I thought some of you might be able to help me out!


Ideally I want to get a new Porsche Cayman GTS. Although with a near on Β£60,000 price tag its going to have to wait as the money will be better spent on getting a house and living rent free initially. In the mean time though I wouldn’t mind a change. Currently I’m driving a BMW 325 which I actually rate quite well, excluding the fuel consumption that is. I have to drive a considerable distance each time I have my son so long-term it’s not a great idea. Plus I’d like something a little more sporty.

I think its important to treat yourself every now and then too as it boosts that motivation to kick on…

Cars aren’t my strong point though to be honest. So I’m a little stuck as to what I should get. I quite like the 250 AMG. Initial looks make me think its best to get one that’s a year old as the price depreciation is pretty big, saving some cash in the process and I’d still qualifying for a couple of years warranty. Also the fuel consumption is pretty good considering the power it has to offer.

I’ve never owned a Mercedes-Benz before, although I’m led to believe they are quite reliable? Any readers out there that are pretty clued up on this sort of thing with some good advice? Just don’t want another money-pit like the Astra…

Just scanned auto-trader and this seemed pretty fair? LINK

16 thoughts on “To Car or Not to Car…. Seriously, Help Me Out

  1. Hi Caan

    Mercs have great build quality looks great
    The only neg’s for me 22k miles in a year mean its must have lived on the motorway and I wouldn’t buy off a forecourt much prefer to go private or the auctions myself
    If your buying a car thats a year old should still have manufacture warranty so very unlikely to be a cash cow like ur astra

    Take Care

  2. Wish I’d known you a couple of years ago to warn you about Vauxhalls. Same goes for Renaults…. πŸ˜‰

    I’m with Keith, Mercedes all the way in that price range. Beemers are too ‘common’ and Audis are too spivvy.

  3. Caan, sounds boring, but invest the money in something that will appreciate in value ,not depreciate
    that feeling of having a smart car soon wears off, but the feeling of seeing your bank and net worth grow never does πŸ™‚

  4. If you like sports car I think you should not get a Benz with FWD and Renault engine. If you like driving get a RWD car. The look of that model is fantastic but the rest…
    Take a look at toyota gt86. πŸ˜‰

      1. Great book…always buy something that can pay for itself…ie if you buy a boat could you rent it out so it costs you nothing to own, a car is a little different mind you….Mercs for me, but then i would buy and will be buying a Hummer H2 as im a petrol head lol

  5. After all those tweets about Warren Buffett’s lesson this is what you want?

    If my trading paid off like your’s does I’d know exactly where that money would go.

  6. Hi Caan,

    I have a mercedes exactly as you post in the link, but white.

    Is the best car I had until now. If you go gentil on the throttle it can make 5 l/100km, if you go hard on it normally 8,5l. but the average is 6,5l. Its more economical that my moms Renault Scenic in very ways. As fuel consumption is better, and when you go to a workshop for maintenance is cheaper to, not crazy prices.

    I bought mine used with 1 year and 9months and 20k kilometers on it. Not any problems at all the only defect that those cars have is the engine water pump that is faulty, but mercedes nows that and change it free of charge.

    As buying new or used I recommend you to by use, because when you by new you get a huge depreceation on that model because its a coupe ( around here it works that way), so buying used with low mileage on it and with the extras that you like is the best option.

    Here are a link of a photoshot that I did with my car .

    Any questions you have about the car feel free to ask me or phone no problem at all.

    Great car chose by the way ;-).

  7. So you are going from a car that has an average of 31.4 mpg to a car that has 53.3, yet you say you want a car that has better fuel consumption. Confused.

  8. something eco friendly is a must. Convert your house to a solar and wind farm and drive an electric car. Win win win.

  9. I would not buy the Mercedes, the depreciation value is good for now but the car has no future perspective, it is quite compact and expensive, I honestly would never buy a new car, waste of money, anything with up to 10k miles on the clock is perfect, I know and watch cars most of the times, I know prices on autotrader very well, you have many options of outstanding cars it really depends on your taste, real well drive, front or 4×4, my all time favourite is the continental GT, but it is a bit expensive, for about 25k pounds you can have a 2012 Mercedes CLS, I personally like the VW Touareg, the new model, up to 30k, jaguar is very beautiful the XKR if you feel like spending 50k, and also there is the almighty BMW M6 2012-2013 with up to 10k miles for 600-65k, a super car with 550HP, well I hope you make a good decision and drive your new car safely and without any problems.

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