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New: Live Chat feature….


Just a quick update to let you all know what the red bubble is about at the bottom of the screen when visiting the site…. I tested it for the first time last Sunday (thanks to all those that gave it a go). A live, interactive chat box. When its activated (green) im about to chat. So if it’s on feel free to say Hi!

After testing it on Sunday I quickly realised I need to update and change it to more of a ‘chat room’ instead of individual chat. Within seconds of requesting anyone give it a go so I could test it I had more chat boxes than I could cope with. Having a live chat, for all to join in together seems a far better option.

I won’t have it on all the time as doing so, it could detract my attention too much away from my own trading, but after a few have emailed and suggested it over time it’ll be interesting to see if it’s used much.

I’ll update fully on this weeks action in a couple of days as have a lot on right now. I will say though, the markets seem to be trading extremely smooth in comparison to a month or so ago! I really do love trading around this time of year.

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