Not Your Normal Week…

Abnormal week

What a week?! But was it really that unpredictable?

England out of the Euro’s, Hodgson resigns and the referendum vote… Ohh and the racing markets were dead.

Despite all the excitement I’ll be happy once the markets back to normal!

Racing or Wimbledon?

This last week’s been quite different to most. With everything going on between the UK leaving the EU and Roy Hodgson resigning there’s been less interest in the racing markets than usual. It’s felt quite noticeable at times when trying to get that last fill in the markets. Patience is key at the best of times, so if you’ve not let it get to you well done.

With Wimbledon now on the cards too it’s something else to take the racing markets out of the limelight, temporarily. If you’ve followed the blog for any time you’ll know I spent a bit more time on the courts than usual last year, it worked out well. I’m sure I’ll find some time for it this year too, especially for select matches.

Dividing attention between the racing and tennis isn’t really advisable. I’ve done it before with mixed success. Trading the different sports are a very different discipline so I find it’s easier to make a decision earlier on and stick with it, racing, or tennis.

It’s nice to break up the schedule a little too. I find the WTA quite watchable at times…

I’m not so sure I’d want to trade the tennis every day as strong opportunities aren’t frequent than the racing, although can be somewhat more scale-able. A bit of a six v’s two three’s situation. Hopefully by targeting the matches I suspect to be most profitable I can maintain the nice smooth consistency of the racing while bagging the odd screamer at Wimbledon.


Not being a massive tennis fan isn’t ideal when it comes to trading it in my eyes. Knowing your players strengths and weaknesses is a real bonus. Not a requirement, but a bonus none the less.

This leaves me in the position of having to do a little research. Not always my favourite thing, fortunately the tennis ratings spreadsheets Dan Weston produces help me out there. Particularly when it comes to the WTA.

I’d be interested to know what percentage of followers trade through intuition and match-reading over market knowledge and statistics? Feel free to drop a comment in below. When I get time I’ll look to add some kind of Poll to this post.

Either way, if you’re on the racing or tennis. Good Luck!!

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