Finally it’s here!

Race times are starting to come forward starting earlier along with some earlier finishes. This time of year as I’ve said before tends to see a bit of a slump in race quality although now November is here it won’t be much longer before we’re into full swing with the jumps season seeing some of the bigger stars leading up to Christmas and in preparation for Cheltenham! Myself for the first time I’ll be having a look at some runner for ante post trades, it’s something I’ve toyed with on a very small scale before but I’ll be looking to make a bigger effort this time around.

I think it may because the change in race timings coming forward or possibly also down to the weather but just this week I’ve noticed a bit of a drop in turnover, if you’re finding it hard work don’t beat yourself up about it! it’s the same for everyone at the moment. It’s not for much longer!

The recent weather has caused some chao’s here in the south-east although im hoping there won’t be any snow this year as it always brings possible opportunities to a grinding halt!

If you haven’t already check out the YouTube channel as I’ve been steadily preparing and adding some more useful clips to browse, more on their way this week!

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