One year on… – 2013

So first off just to mention, the I’m a Celeb trade was a bit of a no go – I’ve exited for about £28 loss. I really can’t believe the price so soon and think still it shouldn’t be so short but I obviously have a different opinion on Joey Essex to the rest of the public so I’ll take it on the chin and leave it at that.

One year on!

So longer time readers may remember this post in November last year ‘One year on 2012 Post’.

A lot has changed for me over the last year, at this point last year i was going well making enough part-time although the frustration of having to work a normal job was holding me back.

Since quitting the job I’ve had the freedom to spend more time in the markets evolving and improving my trading styles, it’s been one of the scariest (quitting your job to bet!) but best decisions I’ve ever made!

If you look at the previous post from the link above you can see just how far I’ve come! I wasn’t all that far yesterday away from making what i did last year in a week on a saturday afternoon…


One of the big differences also is how I’m feeling, after my mentality post the other week I’ve spent a little more time making sure im centred and focused before trading. The knock on effect has been it’s meant less of those silly little mistakes.


I’m thinking in the new year im going to set myself a list of things I’ve always wanted to do. Having the spare time and freedom is great but what’s the point if i don’t use it to do all the things I previously dreamed of?!

This year i managed a visit to the Maldives, Magaluf and a lot of drinking beer…

So far i have a few things I’d like to do in 2014;

  • Snowboarding
  • Downhill mountain bike run
  • Track day
  • Visit somewhere hot!

Think this is a bit out of my comfort zone but it’s my inspiration fo the downhill mountain biking!

3 thoughts on “One year on… – 2013

  1. Good man Caan,
    You shown where hard work,deication and patience can get you.Very inspiring blog and you are someone i aspire to trade like.Keep it goin bud.

  2. Hi caan ,
    First off may i say congrats on how you have progressed from part-time to full time trader,it takes courage and conviction to take that decision and i have the utmost respect for you for that well done.
    I have been silently following your blog and must say have been really impressed with how you go about the day to day trading and the explanations and video content on your blog has been very helpful and has made me want to start trying the trading game again.I have tried in the past with varied results and will be the first to admit i have lost several banks and hefty sums too but mainly because i jumped in using bigger stakes than i could actually manage at the time and i must admit when i first tried i thought it was easy money and therein lay my main stumbling block!!!…It certainly is not easy and although some make it look easy on the videos on you tube i was quickly brought down to earth when starting my trading journey.

    I lost ,lost and continued to lose bank after bank and the more i lost the more stressed i became which then made me do all the things i was trying to get away from as a regular punter like upping stakes to recoup losses,letting many many trades go in play and losing whole banks as a result of this,i also starting to try and trade other sports that i knew very little about and things just got worse so i gave up and for the last 12 months have been trying to learn as much as i can about trading the horses pre race mainly and after following your blog and seeing how you approach trading it has shown me everything i was doing wrong and i am currently in the process of starting out again trading and i am enjoying getting back into it again ,hopefully this time i have the mindset to avoid 99% of the pitfalls i suffered when first trying and following your progress has shown me that with hard work and true dedication it is possible to to get to the levels you set yourself so thank you to you and your blog and good luck for the future ……… All the very best to you and have a wonderful Christmas…..

    1. Hey Darren, thanks for the kind words. It sounds like your are determined so dont let anything hold you back!! Hang in there, hope you had a good Xmas yourself. Good luck in the new year!!


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