Pennies make pounds!

Evening chaps,

Been thinking alot of late having made the epic leap to being full-time, its not turning out too badly at all and im ticking over pretty well at the moment.
What i have noticed over the last few weeks though is i tend to have alot of time on my hands, a good thing but i think im going to try and channel this spare time along with my energy into other things… i think its important, also it keeps me interested… and most of all stops me being lazy and getting up really late!

So this week i’ve started my gym membership again (im a bit of a tightwad) so that should ensure i go! I’ve been most days already. Also something i used to do quite some time ago although failed on the discipline is attempting to lay the draw on the football at attractive odds, so i’ll be reading up on that a fair bit more.. and finally the dogs….

I know how to trade the dogs successfully although due to the poor liquidity it makes it very tricky for me to make any kind of sum per race, occasionally i use it as a ‘warm up’ prior to the days racing, although not taking it serious on small stakes i still manage to take out maybe a quid a race, so i thought if i just do myself £10’s worth of dogs each day it’ll keep me a bit busier, maybe ill improve even and whats more an extra tenner a day cant be grumbled at over the space of a month.

Anyway as frustrating and boring trading the dogs can be it could still be worth your while over the space of the day…. nothing like the racing and i think id rather watch paint dry than do it all day but here ya go, this morning i did 6 before i started trading the nags… this is all of them back to back. Should of plugged the mic in so i could explain my thoughts but didnt even think of it… sorry for that.

Enjoy 🙂 — you’ll need to select 720 viewing quality.


7 thoughts on “Pennies make pounds!

  1. Can!!

    Great blog! The best! Thanks a lot to give us the oportunity to watch your trading video!! Do you think some day we could watch a trading horses video?

    Congratulations for your blog! Take care!! ;-D

  2. Hey anon, in the past I have put up video’s of me trading the nags if you look back through the posts.
    At the moment I think its unlikely as it may not be fair on the mastermind webinar subscribers I teach with jack. Its a possibility though I suppose 🙂

  3. Hey Caan! Nice video.
    Do you use the same approach trading horses? Or there is some significant difference between dogs and nags markets?

  4. Hi Kirk,

    Cheers…. mmmmm at times i do, although because of the amount of more liquidity going through the horse racing markets i tend to find i scalp alot more rather than just looking for the one move.. it is transferable though to a degree.

  5. Thanks Dude, how much is transferable to VERY high liquidity meetings like Cheltenham or Aintree. I suspect that the higher the liquidity, the narrower the range of the potential moves ?

  6. Top drawer stuff Caan. I love trading dogs, although my technique is very different to yours and a good deal more boring not to mention less productive. It’s great to see another approach,

    cheers, Al

  7. Haha prediction …. making money is never boring 😉

    AG, its transferable although due to the liquidity like you say its rather different way of application yes.

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