Trading Betfair: Pre-Race Trading Guide update!


So its hard to believe but it was just over a year ago the first version of the Pre-Race Trading Guide was released. Trading Betfair at first was a bit of a struggle for me as I didn’t have a clue what I was looking at even, remembering the amount of frustration I went through in the early stages spurred me on to write it! I’m extremely glad I did as the amount of positive feedback has been brilliant. I said to myself initially if I can help one or two people produce a part-time income through my insights it’d be a success, it didn’t take long to blow that concept out the water!

Having just returned from holiday I found a couple more messages in the mountain of emails I had also saying how they had improved largely thanks to its help, its moment’s like that make it worth the effort (the most memorable this year had to be this one).

There have been a couple of small updates for the guide although for some time I’ve been meaning to add a lot more along with elaborating on several sections to make it that bit more concise. For that reason if you have anything you found hard to get to grips with or would like additional information/explanation then please email me at – support. I’ll read every email and make the best effort to reply to them all as usual. Making sure it’s the very best it can possibly be is my aim here!!

I’m going to set the update completion date as the 31st Aug 2014 to ensure I don’t get side-tracked so if you can mail any suggestions through as soon as possible that would be great.

All existing users will be able to view the update and any future update via the login portal provided on purchase, if you’ve lost your details just drop me a mail and I’ll re-send the info.

3 thoughts on “Trading Betfair: Pre-Race Trading Guide update!

  1. Caan – you’re an absolute star. I bought your content a couple of weeks back and have found it unbelievably useful – just need to find my discipline to achieve consistent success. The way you continue to give your time to help other people understand or refine their trading is admirable. Cheers mate!

    1. Thanks Cameron, I just feel bad I havent done the update already!! Trading or enjoying life all the time though seems to take my time away. I’ve set the date so I have to stick to it now ha!

  2. Caan- Thanks for the guide need to read over few more times,really helpful and I need to discipline my self.

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