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So following on from the health post not so long ago, I thought I’d update. Keeping the routine up isn’t all that hard, in fact it’s quite fulfilling. I look forward to the gym of a morning, followed by a steam and jacuzzi. In fact the steam room and jacuzzi are probably the main motivating factors! But if it works, it’s all good right?

Keeping an eye on how much and what I eat is proving a little more difficult though. Meaning I’ve not dropped the body fat I initially intended to so far. It’s still an achievable target for sure, although losing weight isn’t really the main reason for going to the gym each day. The positive effects on how I feel, motivation and just generally get done are very noticeable though. I’ve been working on a little side project, which would be hard to achieve without being so motivated.

I’m convinced getting up early has a positive effect on my general mindset and decision-making while in the markets. A Facebook follower reminded me of a quote I’d said in previous blogs somewhere this week – “Self control is my biggest edge”. Having a healthy state of mind and mood can have a huge influence on that ‘self control’. Everyone can relate to a ridiculous mistake they made in the markets, due to lack of self-control.

The markets have been pretty good to trade a tiny bit earlier this week I thought, which is always a good sign. Fortunately the weather here’s been a bit naff so I haven’t had the typical May conundrum between beer garden and horse racing. I like the flat, although don’t often feel so confident with the back-to-lays on them as there is always the added worry of a horse getting caught in the stalls… that said, it’s rarely an issue. If you’ve followed the Facebook page this week there’s been a few more decent returns, mainly over the jumps as it’s often far easier to find a no-brainer trade.

2 thoughts on “Progress update….

  1. “Self control is my biggest edge.”

    Great quote.

    Nice to see you doing well, Caan.

    I’ll be investing in your video pack on my next pay day. Looking forward to hopefully learning some new trading techniques.

    Quick question: How did your 100k challenge go last year?

    1. Hi Tim, was hard to keep up high level of enthusiasm by the end of the year. Fell a little short, although to be honest its more than enough anyway. Kicking on this year, some great markets to trade at the moment! Only trouble is, when such good weather and beer drinking opportunities about its hard to justify as its not all just about cash!!

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