Quick Update: Guide & Video’s



It’s been a crazy busy week just gone, one of those where everything seems to happen at once!

Tennis markets are proving to be more and more interesting for me at the moment, although it seems impossible to give it all the attention I want to right now as there are other priorities…

With the Matchbook traders conference next week, and a couple of decent racing meetings towards the end of the month it seems that wont happen until November now.

The good news being – one of the reasons I’ve had less time on hand is due to creating additional recordings for the Video Pack. Which has also prompted me to pencil in a Trading Guide update.

Fitting everything in, and giving it the attention to detail I wish to isn’t easy at times (especially while trading).

I’ve got a handful of requests from readers already, but if you have anything pressing you’d like including please mail the support with them. I’m planning to add new clips within the next week or so and at least draft the guide update by the end of the month (October) so if you’re going to mail in please do it soon!

Just a reminder, for anyone that hasn’t seen – The Video Pack Offer closes tomorrow at (6pm Sunday)


I don’t know about you, but after the 51 races today im shattered… off for a well-earned beer!

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