Returning to Form….

After my recent post, the markets have been hectic.

All I’ve done whilst trading is monitor myself, my emotional connection, scrutinising every reaction…. it seems to be paying off.

This last week I seem to have returned to form as it were! Saturday was fun. While I didn’t do a huge amount for the day, everything started to click into place. It made me think of previous days trading. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone? but often I might trade from say 2pm – 5pm and from 2 – 4 it’s a bit of a grind and then suddenly the last hour I make the most I have for the whole day?!

I mean the later races are not exactly better from a liquidity perspective… and all I can think is it’s a mental thing.

To show you what I mean here’s my diary entry for last Saturday;

Sat 5th March

Today trading started as normal. The usual grind of making mistakes trying to get too involved to early etc. After a while I decided to tame the stakes down a fair bit and ask myself frequently how i was feeling about what I was doing. Along with trying a few different things… and then came a point where I realised I was actually trading really well. At this point I stopped and said to myself euphoria is not good just carry on ignore the stakes or how many times I click but carry on… and I did…. and it worked out really quite well. Come the end I felt completely different. Using smaller stakes (£40 per mouse click) probably helped but I actually started to ‘act’ in probabilities rather than just thinking about them… WOM was not phasing me. In fact I was making money from the markets not really expecting to know what was going to happen next… and I’d say it didn’t even matter. I simply wasn’t bothered..  I felt quite at ease almost ignoring the p/l column, in fact I think I actually started to believe in the thinking in probabilities. Not being expectant of winning every trade and accepting the outcome, reading the market for what it is. Not what I wanted to see, this all sounds great. And it was I would say I was immersed completely in the ‘opportunity flow’ …come the end of my trading session I actually didn’t want to stop at all I was enjoying myself!! Whats more of 24 markets I only lost in 2 to the total of £2.43!! Nothing like the slightly apprehensive start of the day… Most bizarre, but really good at the same time… I look forward to it again!

Next week…

Hopefully next week will be just as eventful on my build up to Cheltenham. I’ve booked the week off to trade purely: something I’m also very aware about (going into Cheltenham is not to have any expectations as Sam Wilson posted about on his last blog post). Doing this would just end in tears – in the mean time I’m just gonna carry on slogging away doing as many US races as possible. It helps scoop some extra cash, that’s starting to help as well!

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