Scorecards… and a sunday challenge

Hey all, Been a little while since i updated the blog… scorecards… so what was the thinking behind that?! well its something i picked up on whilst reading warren buffets book, obviously he felt the need to mention it and it links in nicely with my thoughts on us as individuals and how it can effect the outcome of our results!

It’s quite interesting that so many of us, myself included see ourselves as outer scorecards…. and probably would be more interesting to know who was an ‘inner’ scorecard from the voters.

So for traders is having an ‘outer scorecard’ attitude a bit of a personality problem for us? I think it could be in some respects…. in which case, is this blog slowing my productivity in the sense that when i come to post im reinforcing that behaviour and or harming myself subcontiously? possibly could be true i suppose.
Either way our friend Warren is an ‘inner scorecard’ through and through as he says, can’t really disagree with him either from what i’ve read. This leaves me with a bit of a problem in a way, as others have said before ‘some people will never succeed trading because of who they are’ maybe this is what they meant?
So being an outter scorecard probably isn’t helping me massively… something to think about for sure.

Sunday’s Challenge!

Today i embarked on a sunday in-running smashup challenge! I looked through the cards before hand to give myself more a chance with a few selections to trade as shown here… 

Unfortunately my sister called half way through the day which meant i had to go out rather sharpish, one of her boys had decided to swallow something he shouldn’t!

Bit of a shame really as the results wern’t too bad all in all, had one hash up that cost me £9 … i couldn’t work out why the price was so high so i backed it for the correction but it never happened, maybe something i missed but hey ho not too bad all in all for the few that i did!

Think im gonna take the opportunity to have a break from it for a week or so as the markets this month are quite litterally dead pre race which makes it feel a bit like a waste of time all in all!

Good luck if your playing!!

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