My toughest challenge yet!! October…

Longer term readers will know im a little partial to a drink here or there, particularly in the summer! I think chilling in the beer garden of a summer is probably one of my most favorable things to do, even more so than trading bets!

So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge all be it a little different to usual. I’m going to take part of ‘Go Sober for October’ in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Not drinking at all is going to be tricky! I often like to have a cheeky beer while trading on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t advise trading and drinking alcohol but the odd one seems to keep me calm on a busy Saturday afternoon!! Not drinking socially can be tricky too but it’s for a good cause so im optimistic I can keep the discipline (if I can in the markets then surely I’ll manage it, although a month is a long time!)

It’s a great cause so if you’ve had a good day trading maybe or even just feeling generous any donation is welcome via the registered donations page here!

I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to raise although im a great believer if it’s not a challenge it’s not worth doing, so im going to set the initial target at raising £3,000 with the added caveat of should I raise over £5,000 I’ll donate a days trading to the total!!

With over 310,000 people in the UK alone being diagnosed with cancer every year it effects a huge amount of people not to mention those close to them…

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