The table turns….

Hi all, well its been almost a week since i vowed not to look at my balance…. and today i failed all be it by a day 😉 only traded 2 days this week and a couple of evening races due to work restraints which was a shame although im on cloud nine at the moment…. nope im not rolling in cash… yet although this week has been a hell of an expereince and i’ve learnt some invaluable stuff about myself, keeping my mind on track really is key.. and staying confident plays a big part too, this week i have witnessed my edge has not disapeared as i expected but the problems ive had over the last couple of months were purely in execution! Today i did 22 races… and only lost in 6, thats a rather high strike rate as far as im concerned.

While the profit was not exactly amazing it bodes well considering im still using smaller stakes, this week im gonna up if just a little on the stakes side and providing all goes well i will continue each week hopefully getting the bank a bit bigger for cheltenham! Woop woop.

I cant quite believe how much bringing my mind ‘on track’ has turned things around, would seem im almost on the other side of the table. At points today i really felt like i could start playing with bigger stakes again although am keen i don’t harm my mentality again and work up gradually… other than that not alot to say.. pretty boring really!

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