This weekends rant…..

Last updated December 8th, 2016
well, well, well………… what can i say? What a crap weekends but it really didnt have to be….

Saturday – This saturday was one of the two trading saturdays i do each month (agreement with the mrs) something thats becoming a reocuring issue, and so the mrs and the nipper poped out for the day early doors while i stayed to get stuck into the cards and prep for the day, come 1.30 i’d done all my preperation and the like and was raring to go, the only runner for the day i decided to back to lay ran in this race… i’d identified it as a strong front runner at a nice price (17.0) and so planned to back it at the best possible price pre-race and lay inrunning for some extra reddies, it was well backed prior to the start and missed the entry so decided to leave it… sods law front run all the way and won, no real drama their… after about 3 or 4 races i was starting to get my funk on and was in the ‘opportunity flow’ and fully aware of this, think i went for 8 or so without a loss and some nice profits. And so the problems began, 8 sodding text messages and a phone call in less than 5 mins later i was rather pissed off and had blown £20 up the wall in one race, well and truly out of the flow!! come around 4 o’clock i was back in the groove and some £60 up for my efforts. You guessed it too good to be true? again the mrs gets home along with some family and states you can carry on… along with that look of, ‘can you stop now’ …dropping in i have been out all day so you can trade…. (i know what your thinking and yes she does know their are no horse races before around 2 o’clock). At this point i really should of just stopped, instead i got rather wound up by it all and carried on… loss followed by loss followed by loss, 3 races later and half the profit i decided to sack it well and truly pissed off.

Sunday –  Today although i wasnt trading the horses i had identified one football match earlier in the week which was an absolute stand out to me and had been uming and arring all week as to if i should lay the draw. The match – Celtic v Rangers…….. these two teams absolutely hate eachother bookings are rife, last 23 meetings had never ended in a 0 – 0 draw etc…. so i layed the draw 50% stake 32 mins in and 50% just before half time and did a little half time scalping, what could go wrong? it was end to end stuff and surely a goal was soon to be…. well… at around 70 mins into play there had been no goal and i was looking at around a -£45 position, the game was really heating up and it most definately looked like there was to be a goal soon, at this point the mrs pipes up you promised to take us out to bla bla at 2 o’clock…… what a position to be in given the previous days tensions…. do i trade out for a bit of a loss with a goal surely soon or let it run and line up a hedge should their be a goal? again one seriously unhappy bunny i let it run…. believe their was a penalty but they fluffed it… final result -£169.64
This leave’s me back at evens for the month almost, the LTD probably shouldnt of let it run and probably should of just left it as it was and stuck to the horses, something i will do in future now. Been a really naff month so far and its been daft mistake after daft mistake, the difference between last month and this month… one week left hopefully i can pull a few quid out the bag… bit of a rant their chaps but had to get it off my chest and hopefully some can sympatise with my situation… it leads me to the question does my lifestyle alow me to get in the state of mind and trade as and when, all too often these sort of things happen and its starting to get to me a bit. That said i suppose ultimately im responsible! wish me luck for the last week of the month!

3 thoughts on “This weekends rant…..

  1. I’ve been in the same situation with family/kids chuck it’s a pain in the ass but you’ve got to learn to accept it. I even considered renting some office space once just to get away from it 🙂 You have to kind of blank it out and realise it’s not continual and probably only affects a race or two out of 30 a day.

    The trouble is it’s easy to look for someone to blame our losses on and once we have some scapegoat it becomes easy to blame them at every opportunity going. You’ve got to accept you’re the only one responsible for your trading wins/losses and until you really do you’ll continue to use the family to justify your own sloppy trading like the football error

  2. Hey AL, yea felt a little that way but ultimately i should of stuck to what i know.

    Anon (always wonder who it is lol) i realise its always gonna be my fault and probably beat myself up about it far too much. I dont really feel as though i’ve blamed them because its me that did it although it really is an embugerance, im glad im not alone though. I realise it only affects the one race but the only trouble is i find personally one loss like that just leads to a loosing run, maybe i should just have a break when that happens. Thanks for the wise words anyhow

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